Christmas Pajamas: the Ultimate in Deadline Sewing

I wasn’t going to sew Christmas pajamas two years ago.  Until my children heard about it.  They were actually speechless.  Aghast.  Appalled.  Couldn’t IMAGINE a world in which they didn’t launch into bed on Christmas Eve wearing new handmade pajamas. We work hard not to go (too far) overboard for Christmas, to the point that […]

Nothing Says “College” Like Harry Potter Pajamas

My oldest child is going off to college this month.  On the one hand, I have wrapped my brain around that and am excited for her–and for us, with all the changes that come along with launching a bird from the nest.  On the other, I’m terrified and want to hang on to her just […]

Get Dressed To Stay Home

A little over a year ago, I was inspired by a review of my own handsewn wardrobe–following months and months (and months) in a sewing rut–to GET DRESSED TO STAY HOME.  I have worked from home for more than a decade, and had begun to think of getting dressed as an unnecessary waste of time, […]

Fiesta Fun Fabrics Romper for Summer

I first met Dana through a benefit auction online.  I offered up one of the dresses I used to design, and she was the second bidder–outbid by a dollar.  And we bonded over how, in a benefit/charity situation, maybe our goal shouldn’t be winning the auction by the least amount possible, because maybe the goal […]

Posts of Christmases Past

Today, on a whim, I searched my own blog to see what I’d posted in past years during Christmas time.  If you had asked me, I would have told you there were two or three posts, four max.  But I’ve been writing for a long time, and it turns out there are a TON of […]

Making the Flip Flop Dress with an Unlined Bodice

The Flip Flop Dress is a classic girl’s dress with a fully lined bodice.  One of the features I love about this dress is that all the interior seams are completely enclosed: the shoulder seams, armhole seams, side seams and even waistline seam are all tucked inside the bodice lining, so that only the skirt […]

Tweens Can Sew! The Girl’s Guide to DIY Fashion

My little girl is going to be nine this year.  NINE.  It’s an awesome and icky age for any kid, and I can’t believe how quickly it happened.  When did my little girl get to be NINE?!? Like my sisters and me with my mom when we were little, my kids see me sewing.  Like, […]

How To Finish Your Christmas Shopping Before Thanksgiving (or: How We Keep It Christmas)

About seven years ago, we had an AMAZING Christmas.  Amazing in the sense that there were a LOT of presents.  Like, SO many.  It was an embarrassment of riches.  And I couldn’t quite explain it, but it really did feel like…an embarrassment.  There was something about the sheer VOLUME of gifts that made me feel […]

Sketchbook Shirts in Fanfare Flannel

Well, I can cross off two more items from my to-sew list for the kids, thanks to today’s Fanfare Flannel Extravaganza!  Plus, I finally got around to sewing up the Sketchbook Shirt from Oliver + S roughly five years after purchasing it, so today’s sewing is a gigantic WIN at our house. I made one […]

Back to School Wardrobes: Inventory

So, I bought all the kids new shoes and it made me feel pretty confident about starting off the school year with all the boxes checked and all their clothing organized.  Which led me to think/realize that their drawers are filled to overflowing with garments, but that I don’t know (1) which ones fit, (2) […]

Tips for Working with Velvet

When I got the (possibly hare-brained) idea to sew my blue velvet cocktail dress, I had pretty minimal experience sewing with velvet.  This was absolutely my first time making something from velvet on this scale–anything larger than a sleeve cuff would have been bigger, honestly.  So I’m totally no expert on velvet or on fancy […]

In Progress: Matching Flannel Jammies for the Kids

The cutting-out step is often the slowest part. Three sets of flannel pajamas, all a size up from last year. All of them in the absurdly cute Fanfare from Cloud 9 by Rae Hoekstra.  Love.

Quick Release Scarf in Fanfare by Rae Hoekstra

Ever since Rae announced that she had a fabric line coming out, I think all of us have been buzzing about her beautiful organic flannels.  Cloud9 does such great work, with so many lovely designs, and knowing it’s organic and produced by such kind people makes it even easier to feel good about buying it. […]

Building an Audrey Wardrobe

Very few individuals in recent memory can compare with the class and beauty of Audrey Hepburn.  Her grace, her loveliness, her charm and her kind nature permeate every image, every foot of film we have of her.  Something about Audrey–like Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Grace Kelly–has the power to capture our attention and hold it.  […]

Closet Clean Out Project #2 and #3: Boy’s and Girls’ Closets

I’ve got TWO for you today, because I was on a roll….and because I didn’t think either of these seemed that impressive on its own, so I figured I’d pump up the closet cleaning excitement by doing BOTH today, here at the end of the year.  It’s basically the opposite of what I did last […]