Quilted Sewing Machine Cover

Day 3 of the Stitch Savvy blog tour!  Today, Anna from Noodlehead is showing off the clutch she made using the instructions in the book–and I’m so excited to read her post and see that the book led her to want to make a project she might not have tried otherwise!  Can’t wait to see […]

Sewing Machine Maintenance: Round Up of Sewing Machine Covers

If you’re going to take the time to clean your sewing machine and serger on a regular basis, it would be foolish to leave it exposed to the elements.  The dust and pollen and..other stuff…floating around in the air pretty much guarantee that any machine that doesn’t have a little jacket to wear will end […]

manzanar lib cong 2

Great Women in Sewing: The Seamstresses of Manzanar

I taught tenth grade for a long time.  Part of the curriculum for that level in the state of Georgia is to cover the Holocaust, a tough topic no matter where you live.  Here in the South, discussion of any type of racial or cultural discrimination inevitably leads to discussion of the legacy human slavery […]


Stephanie Kwolek: A Great Woman In Sewing

Stephanie Kwolek isn’t the first name that springs to mind when you think “famous seamstress.”  But her scientific contributions have made more impact on our world that you might think–and it all started with a sewing machine.


Right Brain, Meet Left Brain: Sewing Feeds Them Both

There is some debate still about whether there is a distinctive division between our right brain and our left.  But most experts agree that each half of your brain bears the larger portion for certain mental tasks.  And sewing?  Sewing allows you to tackle both.  It’s basically the perfect activity for long-term brain health. Most of […]

Why Sewing People Are the BEST People

Sewing people are the best people.  I had this thought the other day, not for the first time, but clearly, like a lance through my skull, reminding me that sewing people are the BEST people.  Because they are MY people, in so many ways, in ways that are multilayered and complex and interesting and reflective […]

Join my Sewing Knits Without the Serger Master Class on BurdaStyle!

I have a new online class available!  I’ve teamed up with BurdaStyle to offer my Sewing Knits without the Serger course as a four-week, interactive online class in their Master Class series.  This course has ALL NEW content, including seven new video segments that were shot specifically for BurdaStyle.  I’m seriously excited to share it all […]

2015 Sewing Bucket List: 17 Projects to Tackle This Year

OK, I won’t bore you with too many of the background details, but this list came from an amalgamation of factors: my desire to sew as much as I can ONLY from my stash of on-hand fabrics in the coming months; the inspiration provided by Erin with her “26BOOKS” list for the coming year; my […]

whipstitch sewing studio tour

Sewing Studio Tour

Maybe it’s my intense desire for spring to go ahead and spring already, but I’ve been sprucing up my studio the past couple of weeks–got a bee in my bonnet, so to speak, and between a trip to Ikea and a couple cans of spray paint, have overhauled the room and made it tidy and […]

handsewn blue velvet cocktail dress

Sewing a Velvet Cocktail Dress

Each year for the past four years, my husband’s firm has thrown a Christmas party.  The first year, it was a lovely and classy affair in a floor-to-ceiling glass penthouse venue, with views of the lights across our city.  The year after, it was a small-but-enthusiastic bunch gathered in a converted polo barn in the […]

Sewing Knits e-course

Knits are both a really hot and exciting fabric right now, and also the one fabric most likely to make stitchers freeze with indecision and uncertainty.  Because the fabric is made in a different way, it throws us off and makes us unsure of how to work with a fabric that most of us love […]

Essential Sewing e-course

Essential Sewing: Take Your Sewing from Zero to Stitch! Essential Sewing is an online course based on the sewing classes I teach in person in Atlanta, and my book, Stitch by Stitch. The entire class is designed for what I call “new and returning” sewers: those of us who either are brand-new at the sewing […]

Sewing Machine Maintenance: A Sample Schedule

It’s lovely to know HOW to clean your machine(s), but it’s equally important to know WHEN to clean them, in order to make sure you get the most out of them and catch any issues before they become problems.  Today, a sample schedule for maintaining and servicing your sewing machine and serger. Sewing Machine cleaning […]

Kindle Cover Tutorial

My sweet friend Mika liked my Kindle cover so much she asked for a tutorial.  Since I’ve always been a bit of a slacker in the gift-giving department, I wanted to make her something pretty, so it was with sincere and genuine pleasure that I put this together, mostly for her but also for you!  […]

Sewing for your Home: a Five Week Online Class

Sewing for Your Home E-Course

Whether you have a new house or an old one, have just moved or have lived there for years, all of us want our homes to look and feel like us.  Fabric and color can be the easiest and most lasting way to make an immediate change in your house’s appearance and in how you […]