Already Thinking About 2011: A Sewing Buddy Check-Up

Confession:  When I first developed the Sewing Buddy Project, I didn’t really think it would go very far.  I mean, it kinda seemed a little goofy: pen pals? for grown-ups? but with sewing?  I wasn’t really sure anyone would care to participate, and might’ve had a teeny little worry in the back of my head that folks would shake their heads and smirk.

Boy, was I wrong.

Y’all took the Sewing Buddy idea and you RAN. WITH. IT.  I have been a little flattered but mostluy floored to see the excitement and enthusiasm and openness and curiosity with which you have taken to one another and formed friendships and planned outings and done projects and shared ideas–how insanely cool and inspiring to watch, seriously.

From the beginning, the Sewing Buddy Project was intended to be a one-year commitment.  Meet your 2010 Buddy, make deep, lasting friendships, then add another Buddy in 2011.  Like a charm bracelet of epic, stitchy proportions.  So as we head into the frenzy of the holidays and wind up 2010–a crazy, exhausting year for me, I don’t know about you–I’m already thinking about 2011 and the fresh newness that it promises.

I have met a bunch of you, and heard from even more–nearly 150 Sewing Buddies in all!–about how this experience has worked for you.  Before we begin to pair folks up in the New Year, will you share your stories with us?  Leave a comment below and recount your Sewing Buddy moments, and I’ll choose three pairs of Buddies to profile here on the blog in the weeks leading up to the New Year and the new recruits.

Having a Sewing Buddy is pretty awesome.  Pay the love forward and let us all know what you and your Buddy have been up to!

22 Comments on “Already Thinking About 2011: A Sewing Buddy Check-Up

  1. At Borders this last weekend I met a woman in the sewing books section and OF COURSE we had to talk about your book (which I own and love) and she mentioned having a sewing buddy via this site. She mentioned how cool it was, so dude, I totally need to sign up this year.

  2. My sewing buddy and I have emailed, visited Whipstitch together during the Sew A Thon and had a beer afterward! We have a lot in common it turns out!

  3. How do you sign up for a sewing buddy? Is it just in Atlanta, or can you buddy up with people in other states?

    • We’ll open the listings in early 2011 and start matching folks up. Full details will be here on the blog once it’s time, and we’ll have the button in the sidebar again. See you then!

  4. i’m new to your blog but love this idea of a sewing buddy. I would love to sign up for one in the next round. what a great idea!

  5. while I loved the idea of a sewing buddy, the sewing buddy I was paired with had a very different level of commitment to the project.

    I’d definitely like to try again, though!

    • Totally bummed to hear that–we’ll get you a stellar one in 2011. I know just the right girl for you! Have faith!

  6. I would be most interested in the Sewing Buddy Project. Do you need to be from the USA or is it world-wide? What a great way to make friends. Are we talking any type of sewing or sewing clothing? I live in Australia.

    • Anyone is welcome! We’ve got all kinds of stitchers from all over, and we’ve paired folks up both domestically and internationally. It really IS like a pen pal, but with sewing and craft! Hope you’ll join us next year…

  7. I love the idea of the sewing buddy. I never heard from my sewing buddy so alas, I was left to sew and have fun on my own. I would be willing to try this again with someone who is really interested in having lots of sewing fun.

    • I am totally bummed out to hear this. Will put nose to grindstone and see if I can’t figure out some kind of fail-safe to prevent this from happening again! Next year, you get cream of the crop, for sure.

  8. April’s buddy here – and yeah, we are pretty cool. 🙂 I really don’t have any other friends who sew, so it is great to have someone who “gets” it.

  9. I had a buddy who never wrote back after our initial contact. I was sad and so jealous of the other “buddies”. My sister thought I was nuts lol. I would love to try again in 2011.

  10. I’m totally intrigued by the idea of a sewing buddy, so I wanted to peek in at this comment thread to see what others’ experiences were. But while I’m here, just wanted to let you know, Deborah, that I had a sighting of your book “in the wild” as you say! At a Barnes & Noble in St. Louis. 🙂

    • How exciting!! Thanks so much for letting me know–I’ll have to take the time this weekend to see if I can hunt one down. 🙂

      I’m feeling a little sad to have had three folks say their buddies dropped the ball–here’s hoping we hear some more success stories!! Already making plans to make 2011 more achievable for all of us. Maybe we need a Sewing Buddy newsletter?

  11. Hi – I am Edris’ buddy – she in Atlanta and myself in Detroit area! We email and swap ideas – I love having someone to share sewing with. We sent lists of what we are making for holidays and are each making double of something for each other to help out. I love that if I see something exciting or a new blog about sewing or have a great idea I can drop her a note.
    I think the sewing buddies are wondeful and for the other people who it did not work outfor- they should give it another try!

  12. Just discovered Whipstitch–I’m in south Georgia but am planning a trip to Atlanta before too long so I can visit the shop. And I sure could use a sewing buddy…