Atlanta Craft Swap!

Whipstitch Atlanta is hosting our first-ever Craft Swap!  The ladies at the shop have planned a themed event, including afternoon tea.  We’re calling it “Gloves Encouraged,” and will be laying out tea, cookies and flower pins for all of you who come to join us!  The shop is providing a kit that participants can pick up in advance and fill with their goodies to trade at the swap.  Kits are in-store beginning TODAY!

A craft swap is a fantastic way to trade out the supplies you’re not using and exchange them for something you’ll love by passing on your crafty goods to someone who is looking for them!  Extra fabric, scraps, pins, buttons, trims, patterns, designs, embroidery floss, hoops, needles, abandoned presser feet, thread, sparklies, and dozens of other supplies are floating unused in crafty homes all over the Atlanta area, and they’re crying to be brought in from the cold.  No doubt you have at least SOME of these things, and you say you’ll use them, but they’re never quite right for the project at hand.  What if I told you that someone right here in town has the exact same problem, and that there is a way for the two of you to meet, mingle, and trade your supplies to enrich both your craft endeavors?  This is that opportunity!

We hope this is the first of many craft swaps at Whipstitch.  Help us make it a success!  Bring your fabulous unused goodies, and swap them out for something new-to-you!

What:  Craft Swap at Whipstitch!

When:  August 21, 2010 at 1 pm

Who:  Everyone!

What:  Pick up your craft swap kit for free at the shop anytime before August 20.

See you then!

12 Comments on “Atlanta Craft Swap!

  1. Sounds Fun!! I’m totally in and will be there in the next few days to pick one up.

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  3. hi, I am interested in the swap, but far from Atlanta. What is in the kit? how should I start to organize one? any pointers?

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  5. I am very far away in CA, but think it would be nice to start one. I was not sure what a “kit” was. Wish I could come but the commute would be heck.

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