Back in Stock: Wonderland by Momo for Moda

One of the most delicious collections out in 2009 was Wonderland, by Japanese designer Momo, for Moda.

From Fresh Lemons' Flickr stream

I adored this collection, from top to bottom, and have made a whole mess of projects from it (which I’ll share here soon enough).  Something about the Japanese design sensibility made it super appealing, and the colors are all in my most-favored palette.  Moda is notorious for printing each of their collections just one time, and when it’s gone, that’s it–no more!

From valentine westphal's Flickr stream

Demand for this fabric has been so high that they’ve given in, it seems, and graced us with more of some of the best prints.

From splityarn's Flickr stream

We’ve got a dozen bolts in the shop, waiting to go home with you–go get some!

From Sweet Baby Jamie's Flickr stream

5 Comments on “Back in Stock: Wonderland by Momo for Moda

  1. This fabric line has seemed to disappear again! I can’t find a charm pack anywhere.. any advice?

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  4. I wish I could find this Wonderland fabric I have been searching all day! It is so pretty and love love love the bold colors. If anyone knows of anywhere please email me THANKS SO MUCH!

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