This is only one of SIX (or maybe more) giant piles of fabric I’ve begun amassing for my next book.  I have some really (REALLY) amazing apparel fabrics on order, and not a few more in my virtual cart(s).  I might be on a binge.  So far, just a lot of folding and re-folding, but plenty of pattern testing and sample-making is on the horizon!  I love this part: where I get to make all the different variations on a design that really should exist out there in the world.  YES, it should come in corduroy!  YES, it should have piping!  YES, you can use a zipper or buttons!  YES, it can be five feet tall!  YES, YES, YES!

Don’t forget: still time to register for the Essential Sewing e-course starting in a couple weeks!  Get your core skills mastered well before this new book hits stores.  All content from this e-course will remain live and available to participants through the end of 2011–nearly four months!  Find all the details on the e-course page, and take advantage of the early bird discount!

8 Comments on “Binge

  1. I have so many stashes of fabrics that I’m totally lost! I need to find a way to organize it all. Maybe Nancy’s new book will help me there!

  2. Will the e-course material still be available after the October 14th conclusion? I’d love to sign up for this, but I also know I’m moving around 10/7/11..which means packing, unpacking right during the meat of the course. Thanks for your help!

  3. Courtney–

    The content for the Essential Sewing e-course will be available through the end of 2011 for you to review at your schedule! Let me know if you have any other questions–I’m happy to answer them!

  4. Me too!! I can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to!!!

    Courtney, sign up!! I missed the first few weeks of the current class, but it hasn’t been a problem. I just jumped in when I could!!

  5. Deborah and Michelle, thanks so much for the input! I’m signing up. Love the e-courses, instructor, and community! Hugs to all 🙂