I Wonder Why I Do This, Any Of It

sewing needles and thread for hemming

I sew, a lot. Way more than normal people–and by normal, I guess I mean the average person, who probably doesn’t even know how to sew, making that an unfair and inaccurate comparison. So maybe I just sew way more than most people who sew–which would be a massive amount, because sewing seems to attract the obsessives, the folks who really like to DIVE IN, the ones who don’t just try something, they DO it, in the purest Yoda sense. They don’t think, “I might try sewing,” they go to the store and they buy ALL THE TOYS and ALL THE FABRIC and they get home and THEN they figure it out. Or maybe sewing makes us all obsessive, we didn’t start that way, we became that way because the POTENTIAL is so enormous that it’s difficult to look away from the bright light of possibility that comes once you learn how to thread that needle and make it go in a straight line.

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Results of a Dress Muslin

Halloween dress

I have gotten into the habit of sharing finished projects, and hardly ever walking through the steps to getting from fabric selection to final garment.  It’s just SO much faster.  But this dress was an exception–I tried it on during construction, but with a center back zip, all those fittings (alone in your sewing room with a dimly lit mirror and no one else to help) are pretty rough approximations.   It wasn’t until this final fitting before taking photos that I spotted An Issue.

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Halloween Projects Now LIVE!

wreath a

Now live and waiting for you: Halloween projects have been added to the Hand-Sewn Year online class!  This class began as a Christmas Camp, and is gradually growing to include all the holidays in the calendar.  With Halloween, harvest, Thanksgiving, holiday and Christmas projects now included, there are over 45 lessons waiting for you!

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Co-Ordinating Sew Together Bag with Corduroy Bias Tape

My corduroy tote for this fall is bringing me enormous joy.  And if you’ve read about my sewing projects for any length of time, you can guess that the only thing that could possibly bring me as much joy would be MATCHING ACCESSORIES.

sew together bag with corduroy bias tape

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Survey: What Thread Do You Use?

I’ve written about thread before, including my obsession with this microscopic analysis of thread fibers.  I love the idea that at the tiniest scale, thread ISN’T the same, and that the threads we use when we sew can make a difference in the quality of our results.  The longer I make clothing (and the more full my closet becomes), the more I want to focus my sewing on investment items, and I want them to be the very best they can be–the best construction, the best workmanship, and good materials.

Guterman thread spools

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Corduroy Côte d’Azur Tote

I said I was going to make it, and I did.  And I LURVE it.

corduroy Cote dAzur Tote by Whipstitch

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Tutorial for a Lined Bodice on Sew, Mama, Sew!

FLip Flop Dress sewing pattern by Whipstitch

Today over on Sew, Mama, Sew I’m sharing a tutorial for making the Flip Flop Dress with a variation in the waistline seam.  When I was manufacturing children’s clothing for a local design boutique, I made my garments in bulk–which required me to dip into the toolkit manufacturers use to reduce both fabric bulk and sewing time for each garment made.  With this tutorial, I’m applying one of these techniques to the Flip Flop Dress–and sharing some of the insider tips that are tucked inside the pattern instructions to help make ALL your sewing faster and cleaner!

See the post here, and happy sewing!


Kindle Cover Tutorial: Updated!

One of the most popular tutorials I have ever published here on the blog is my Kindle Cover Tutorial.  I’m back today with an update to the measurements and construction of that cover!

Sew a Kindle cover for kids | Whipstitch blog

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Friday Fiver: The Flip Flop Dress is Just $5 Today Only!

twirly flip flop dress

Today only!  I am tickled to be featured on Crafterhours as today’s FRIDAY FIVER featured pattern with the Flip Flop Dress!

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The Sew Together Bag

Japanese hippos sew together bag

This is my fourth version of the Sew Together Bag.  

Previously this year, I made THREE of these puppies as pencil pouches for my children for school.  Act of motherly loving self-sacrifice, it was.

sew together bag as school pencil pouch

I don’t think this fourth version will be my last, but I’m not sure yet–the Sew Together Bag is a super versatile shape and great for storage, so I’d like to consider a second for travel.  Then I could have one for skin care and one for makeup, or maybe another for hair accessories.  (As a side note, it’s a great organizer for hand sewing or small purse items, so it makes a really charming companion for the Côte d’Azur Tote–you could make a matching set!)

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