Tutorial: Rolled Hem Presser Foot

One of my favorite finds recently has been this:

My rolled hem presser foot. This bad boy is designed to put a perfect teeny tiny hem in the edge of your fabric, right at the machine–no more pressing, then turning and pressing again, just feed it through and press & stitch all at once! Miraculous, especially for delicate fabrics like chiffons and the like, but also dead useful for making trims and ruffles. Now, when I want to make the ruffle for an apron like this one:

I simply cut my fabric, stitch together into a single long piece, then feed it under my fancy presser foot to give the lower edge a perfect hem.

Here in Atlanta, these feet are available at the Hancock Fabrics on Miami Circle/Sidney Marcus–I realize I’m sending you into the lion’s den, but that’s the only place I’ve seen this display. Right at the end of the cutting table, near the thread and facing the window, is a cardboard display endcap with a whole selection of universal specialty presser feet. They work with any model–hence the “universal”–and come in two shank styles (upright and angled, depending on your manufacturer).

Check out the Sewing Divas for the full tutorial–theirs is so excellent that I didn’t think it was useful to make a whole new one here. I will say that I solidly endorse their suggestion to stop when going over bulky spots–like seams–and fold by hand, then reinsert into the hem foot. Makes the process much smoother.

Happy sewing!

Swatch Thursday: Something Completely Different

So, I was tempted to throw up more rock-n-roll fabric, but enough with the theme, already. Instead, here’s a new arrival in the shop, from Amy Butler’s Daisy Chain collection:

Amy Butler is a HUGE name in fabric design, and has her hand in all manner of pies: paper, books, patterns, you name it. Check out her website and drop a comment if you’d like to see Whipstitch carry more of the coordinates from this line!

Swatch Thursday: Rustic Guitars

I love a good theme. Like, when I completed my Master’s thesis on acorns (no lie) I gave all my professors a teensy oak sapling sprouted from acorns that had fallen in my yard over the winter. I mean, I REALLY love a theme.

And right now, it’s GUITARS, which are suddenly everywhere these days. Where were they in fifth grade when I wasn’t motivated to practice mine and skipped out on my lessons? I could rock out on Greensleeves now if only I’d practiced then!!

From Michael Miller (again–hey, maybe it’s a Michael-Miller-guitar conspiracy??):

Available as we speak, in the shop.

Swatch Thursday: Groovy Guitars

Featured today for Swatch of the Week:

Groovy Guitars in Lime, by Michael Miller
For those of you newer to quilting, crafting, and 21st century fabric sales, there are a few names in the industry that are worth your time to know.  Michael Miller is a manufacturer based out of New York, and as a company is known for their funky and light-hearted prints.  They also act as a converter of cotton fabrics; this means they are the sales front for fabric designers, and offer those designers’ collections to wholesale accounts such as clothing manufacturers and retail fabric shops.
This particular print is a Michael Miller original, and comes in four colorways.  My preference is the lime, since I’ve been on an aqua/lime/royal blue kick for months now, and because I like the way those colors POP against the chocolate background.
Check the link in the sidebar to head over to the Whipstitch Fabrics Etsy shop if you’d like to pick up a little by the yard, and always feel free to leave comments below!


Loads of sick babies at our house.  Only thing keeping my spirits up is this:

Not even in the shop yet–am too greedy to have it all to myself!  Ah, well, I suppose this time of year is a good one to learn to let go.  Look for it by end of the day!

Wow, Etsy, Thanks!

Y’all, can I just say how great the experience has been so far at Etsy? What an amazing group of people, all of them truly looking to promote handmade and produce top-quality stuff. I have been so impressed so far with the number of sales Whipstitch has had in such a short time, how great the Etsians have been, how many supplies and fabulous finds I’ve been able to get there.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out our new shop, please head over there now!

While you’re there, check out some of these other places to get great sewing supplies, all right on THE handmade shoppers paradise:

Toby’s Momsells buttons to cover at fantastic prices

Pattern Shop has tons of vintage patterns of all kinds
Twinkling Trinkets carries really cool charms and doodads to add to handbags and knitting projects (among other things)
Kalla makes gorgeous handprinted textiles–and ships direct from Japan!
Have fun checking it out, and let me know what other amazing goodies you find!


Online Fabric Shop Now OPEN!

I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve opened a very small shop on Etsy to launch our online fabric store. Please drop by and visit us there:

And if you found us from Etsy, welcome! Lots of good things in store over the coming weeks, so we all hope you’ll stay tuned!

Useful Sewing Books & Progress Report

Great review of useful sewing books over at Dress A Day.

Check back soon for a section on the Whipstitch site with links to great books to get you started!! On that front, be aware that the LOGO is in development as we speak, the URL has been purchased (link here and check back often as content gets added!), and plans are underway to get fabric selections up by the end of 2008 on the web. I’m VERY excited about this whole project, and am working to devote my maternity leave to getting it rolling–any words of support, encouragement, or suggestion would be much appreciated!

Got a particular fabric designer you love? Let me know! Got a particular fabric need? Drop me an email! Your wish is..well, maybe not my command, but certainly taken into consideration!

Keep yer eyes peeled, y’all! We’re working hard to bring YOU the best in fabric and sewing in Atlanta!

Treadles for Progress

Great charity called Pedals for Progress taking used, unwanted sewing machines and shipping them overseas to allow women to open their own small businesses! What a great idea, and a great place to unload your old machine when you’re ready to move up a notch. As a non-profit, it’s even tax-deductible!!

Let’s just call it Swatch Thursday

Since I missed Wednesday again. Wow.

This one’s another Michael Miller cotton print. Frogs, eating flies and spiders. I originally thought, What a cute fabric for boys! But now I love it for boys, girls, mommies, pillows, everything. My 13-year-old girl wants a shirt out of it, even.

Loooove it. Another one coming SOON to the Whipstitch online shop. We’re hoping for early-to-mid September for online fabric sales, and every purchase gets us closer to opening our brick-and-mortar shop in Atlanta, so spread the word!

Happy sewing!