Can't Talk Now. We're Potty Training.

If you don’t hear from my by Friday, call in the National Guard.  I’m the one buried under the paper towels and Clorox.

4 Comments on “Can't Talk Now. We're Potty Training.

  1. We’re doing the exact same thing this week. I’m going crazy being stuck in the house all day… Good luck!

    • It hasn’t been too bad so far! (Knock on wood.) We’ve even gone in the car to drop off/pick up twice and nothing collapsed. I’ll let you know how it goes–best of luck to you!!

  2. I put one of those “porta-potties” in my car. I keep old walmart,target,grocery bags in there with a jug of Clorox wipes. I put a bag over the lift out part of the potty, and put a paper towel in there to help absorb “everything.” Then I lift it out and wipe, and re-line for the next time. Yesterday, while driving home my LO was in the back seat chanting… (excuse my “do-do on potty” (which could mean either) It was far more convenient to pull over and let her go than to track down a public potty.. and have to go through don’t touch anything… holding over the seat stuff. 😀