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Tweens Can Sew! The Girl’s Guide to DIY Fashion

My little girl is going to be nine this year.  NINE.  It’s an awesome and icky age for any kid, and I can’t believe how quickly it happened.  When did my little girl get to be NINE?!? Like my sisters and me with my mom when we were little, my kids see me sewing.  Like, […]

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Sew Together, Grow Together

Ever since my Sewing With Kids series yeeeaaars ago, I’m always on the lookout for sewing projects I can do along with my children.  They went to Montessori school as little ones, so scenes like this are not uncommon at our house: I stretch a piece of unbleached muslin in an embroidery hoop and we […]

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My Rag Doll + GIVEAWAY

I have been, since two Christmases ago, somewhat obsessed with doll clothing.  I spent an entire holiday season bringing together an awesome collection of hand-made vintage Barbie clothing via eBay for our seven-year-old as her Christmas gift, and the following year (this past Christmas), she received an American Girl doll.  Between the two, I spend […]