Button Sorting

Button Sorting

The other day I walked into our kitchen and found this on the counter.  The children had taken the giant trifle bowl filled with random buttons that I keep in my sewing room, and were sorting them by type. It’s like when you give your kids a gift and they want to play with the […]

Adventures at the Atlanta Food and Craft Swap

This past weekend, we ventured out to an event we’ve never attended before: the Atlanta Food (and Craft) Swap.  Hosted by Homestead Atlanta, this is usually “just” a food swap, but this month, they opened it up to anything handmade–and we jumped on it.  I sent my husband the details and we set aside an […]

Vintage Barbie Clothes Made by Someone Else’s Grandma

Two years ago, I went on a mission at Christmas: a vintage Barbie holiday for our 7-year-old. I was especially focused on the carrying cases, honestly.

8 Things I Have Learned Now That I’m 40

8 Things I Have Learned Now That I’m 40

Last week, I turned 40.  FORTY.  It has been a long road, y’all.  And I’ll tell you the truth: these past five years have probably been the hardest since my 20s.  (And you couldn’t pay me cash money to go back to my 20s–not a chance, people.)  I have learned a ton, and most of […]

Dollar Store Academy

There are days where it would be so, so, so much easier to let the kids come home from school, turn on the TV, and let it roll.  We try pretty hard at our house, though, to limit TV watching–or game playing or Netflix or movies or videos–to days that aren’t “school days.”  Which is […]

Seventh Anniversary

Today is my seventh wedding anniversary.  And I am wearing a really great dress: If you asked me what my husband and I do to celebrate milestones, I would tell you we go to a nice dinner–without the kids.  If you followed us with a camera, I think you would tell ME that what we […]