Registration Open: The Murder Mystery Quilt 2018

Registration Open: The Murder Mystery Quilt 2018

It’s back!  The Murder Mystery Quilt is now open for registration for next year.  I am so, so excited–will you come play with us? For the past two years, I have had the honor and the pleasure of sewing alongside over 1500 quilters who love to read, and who have made new friends while sewing […]

The Murder Mystery Quilt and The League of Adventurous Dressmakers: BACK FOR 2017!

The Murder Mystery Quilt and The League of Adventurous Dressmakers: BACK FOR 2017!

This past year has been one of the happiest, most rewarding years I have ever spent sewing, and that is down to a single factor: the people I spent it with.  I made the decision almost exactly one year ago that I was going to focus on two groups in 2016: The Murder Mystery Quilt […]

QuiltCon Creativity workshop

Come Sew With Me at QuiltCon in Savannah!

Hooray!!  Yesterday, the schedule for next spring’s QuiltCon was finally released.  Yay, yay!!  I can hardly believe how fast it’s coming at us, and that it’s already time to register!

The Murder Mystery Quilt and The League of Adventurous Dressmakers: Last Day to Join!

The Murder Mystery Quilt and The League of Adventurous Dressmakers: Last Day to Join!

The League of Adventurous Dressmakers It’s only February, and I’m deeply immersed in the League of Adventurous Dressmakers.  I feel so inspired and motivated and excited about the garments I have in my queue.  Part of what slows me down, looking back on past years and the to-sew lists that never get completed, is that I […]


Now OPEN for Registration: The Murder Mystery Quilt & the League of Adventurous Dressmakers!

Now open for registration!  Both the Murder Mystery Quilt AND the League of Adventurous Dressmakers are now ready for you to join! The League of Adventurous Dressmakers is a monthly subscription club that focuses on in-depth technique lessons for better garment sewing.  As more and more of us seek to sew our own clothes, we want to be […]

murder mystery quilt logo

The Murder Mystery Quilt: Sew It to Solve It

FOR THE 2020 PROJECT, VISIT The Murder Mystery Quilt SITE! In the first grade, when I was six years old, my class did a unit on Ancient Egypt.  I was, as most children are, completely mesmerized.  The story of Howard Carter and his tenacious pursuit of discovery was–and remains, nearly 100 years later–absolutely captivating.  I adored hearing my […]


New Clubs for 2016: The League of Adventurous Dressmakers and the Murder Mystery Quilt

Hooray, hooray!!  A whole bunch of you have already registered for the 2016 Sewing Buddy Project.  I am beyond delighted to welcome back some familiar faces and to greet some new ones–yippee for Sewing Buddies!!  The Sewing Buddy Project is a year-long pen pal program, and for just $10 you get a personalized pen pal […]

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Advent Calendar Sew-A-Long

Years ago, I re-created my mother’s Advent calendar and interpreted it as a quilt-as-you-go project, complete with template.  The year I finally buckled down to make this for our family, I worked on one house a day each day in December, and had a completed calendar by Christmas Eve!  Every year since, I have taken […]

Antique Quilt Sections in Shadowboxes

Antique Quilt Sections in Shadowboxes

When my mother went away to college, her grandmother made her this quilt for her dorm room bed. When I went away to college, my mother gave it to me for the same purpose. After so many years and so much use, it isn’t holding together as well as it used to, but now (thanks […]

pile of yoyos in RJR cotton supreme solids

Yo-Yos Got My Temperature Rising

The weather is warming up nicely (at last), and I’m hand sewing like a madwoman these days. These little beauties are all samples for my workshop as part of Camp Aloha Friends this summer. Little rounds of fabric, all gathered up and pretty, waiting to be shown off.  They’re the perfect sewing project for car […]

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All-Yellow Scrappy Trips Around the World: Counting Blocks

My all-yellow Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt is coming along nicely!  This has been my back-seat project for a while, the one that’s cut and ready to go, but waiting in a basket while I’m sewing other things (like curtains, or curtains, or maybe no-sew curtains).  When I made the first #scrappytripalong quilt, I […]


Twin Postage Stamp Quilts for the Little Girls

About a zillion years ago, I roped myself into a postage stamp quilt project.  It was when our littlest was really little; in about two months, she turns three, and there is the slimmest chance this project will be done by then, God willing.  It has been tremendously time-consuming, I won’t lie.  By the same […]


Postage Stamp Quilt Progress

I’m in Austin for QuiltCon the rest of this week, so it seems appropriate that I share the progress I’ve been making on the matching postage stamp quilts I’m putting together for my two younger girls–that is, with those of you who haven’t been following along reluctantly eagerly on Instagram. I started these quilts–really just […]


Valentine Silhouette Wall Hanging

This quilt was made well over two years ago for a book proposal, but the project ended up not being included in Stitch Savvy.  When we moved into our new house, I re-discovered this piece, and I have fallen in love with it all over again.  And now that it’s February, month of the Valentine, […]


#scrappytripalong Finish!

It is finished!  My #scrappytripalong quilt is all done–and I could not be more in love, seriously. What’s really funny (although I totally should not admit this here, because I’m sure I’ll be un-invited to parties from now on if I do) is that just a few months ago, I remember telling my friend Elle […]