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The Murder Mystery Quilt: Sew It to Solve It

FOR THE 2019 PROJECT, VISIT The Murder Mystery Quilt SITE! In the first grade, when I was six years old, my class did a unit on Ancient Egypt.  I was, as most children are, completely mesmerized.  The story of Howard Carter and his tenacious pursuit of discovery was–and remains, nearly 100 years later–absolutely captivating.  I adored hearing my […]

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The League of Adventurous Dressmakers: Superheroes Who Make Clothes

When I was in college, I was required by the School of Theatre to do a semester in the costume shop.  Most of the other kids groaned and whined and did whatever they could to get around the requirement.  My reaction was more along the lines of, “Don’t throw me in that there briar patch!” […]

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Sewing Buddy Project Now OPEN for 2016!

The Sewing Buddy Project is BACK!! Registration is open NOW through January 30, 2016.  All Buddy pair matches will be emailed out no later than February 1, 2016. The Sewing Buddy Project is a pen pal program.  People from all over the world register, and are matched with a personal pen pal who will communicate […]

Prayer and Meditation Pillow Sewing Pattern by Whipstitch

Prayer & Meditation Cushion Pattern

Introducing a new super fast and useful sewing pattern: the Prayer & Meditation Cushion! Whether you currently have a spiritual practice of any kind, there has been a ton published in the media recently about how meditation is becoming widely used by successful professionals to allow them to balance their work with their personal lives. […]

Get Up and Go Skirt sewing pattern from Whipstitch

The Get Up & Go Skirt Pattern is HERE!

I am so excited today to introduce you to the very first Learn As You Sew pattern: the Get Up & Go Skirt!  This is Series 1, Pattern 1 in the Learn As You Sew Pattern Series, and it’s a great place to start sewing garments–or to find a great, classic style no matter how […]

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Run Your Own Race Cross Stitch Pattern

Have you read Austin Kleon’s book?  I remember when it was first going around as a blog post, which he uploaded after he very first gave it as a commencement address at a small community college.  And now it’s a New York Times best seller, and available for your Kindle.  I just re-read it while […]

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Garment Gallery

Even I didn’t know how many there were. See them now, all in one place.

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All-Yellow Scrappy Trips Around the World: Counting Blocks

My all-yellow Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt is coming along nicely!  This has been my back-seat project for a while, the one that’s cut and ready to go, but waiting in a basket while I’m sewing other things (like curtains, or curtains, or maybe no-sew curtains).  When I made the first #scrappytripalong quilt, I […]

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Polish Your Quilting Skills and Make Something Beautiful

The Essential Quilting e-course is about so much more than just “learning to quilt.”  The class covers all the foundational skills, but also targets a lot of quilting concepts that I think get overlooked and that we would all benefit from thinking about more analytically–like how to choose fabric and put them together, how to […]