Consider it a PRE Sneak Preview

I wasn’t expecting it for another month.  But then I got home and there was a FedEx package on the table for me, and it was here, in the flesh, real and solid and fully realized:  my book!!  I am a little overwhelmed, but super, super excited.  I’m not allowed to show it off too much yet, but it’s so pretty and I was gonna pop if I didn’t get to tell…well…EVERYONE!  OK, back to work, people.  But: hooray!!

8 Comments on “Consider it a PRE Sneak Preview

  1. How unbelievably exciting! When does it actually come out? Do we all get autographed copies?

  2. We’re planning a book signing at the shop for the last weekend in August–stay tuned!

  3. Pre-ordered my copy a while back. Can’t wait to get my hands on it. Congrats Deborah!

  4. Congratulations. The book looks amazing, did you design the cover? I find it very inspiring when a passion for craft becomes a business as well (and with small kids to look after!) – I hope your book is great success. Scott

    • Thanks so much for the good wishes! I did not design the cover–I took care of all the projects and text, and was fortunate enough to have people at the publisher’s who built the images around that. All I sent was the skirt, and they made the cover happen! I appreciate the compliments, and will pass them on!