Learn to Sew or Grow Your Sewing

Whether you’re brand-new to the sewing machine or have been stitching for years, Whipstitch has classes that will meet you where you are. Learn the foundational basics or hone your technique, all online.

Up-Close Video Guidance

Every Whipstitch class includes hours of HD video, shot from the viewer’s perspective and looking over my shoulder, so you always get an eagle-eye zoomed -in view, and each lesson feels like a private, one-on-one session.

A Community of Stitchers

Whipstitch classes have been offered online since 2010, and have grown a dedicated, supportive community of folks who love to sew and love to get to know one another while they brush up their technique. You’ll find your people here.

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I’m so glad you’re here!

Hi! I’m Deborah, and I’ll be your guide as you begin to sew or grow your sewing. I’ve worked hard to develop classes online at every skill level, from brand-new beginner still learning how to thread the machine, all the way up to seasoned expert looking to draft her own patterns and design garments from the ground up. Read more about me on my about page, and then find the class for you! Our community is warm and friendly and welcoming–you’re going to find your people here, I just know it.

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I love your books and your blog, I have learned so much from you. I also just got my first online class this weekend. Exciting journey, thanks for guiding me!

Leann S.

I picked up your book yesterday and finished reading it this morning. So many of the other sewing books I’ve been reading have been disappointing, but your book wasn’t!  I am “sew” in love with your writing style and the precision of your instruction and the quality and content of your information.  I have wanted to learn to sew for so many years — you have made feel “sew” confident. And I wanted to thank you for that.

Janine P.

I’m so thankful I bought Deborah’s book when I purchased my new sewing machine. Stitch by Stitch opened a while new world for me. Thank you!

Abby C.