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Your instructor–me!

I’m Deborah, and I’ve been teaching sewing courses online since 2010.  I’ve been sewing for a whole lot longer than that, and fell in love with it when I was in school, just by trying my hand at making things and seeing how a little tweak there or a small change here could make a giant difference.  I studied sewing in the costume shop in college, and learned so much about technique and vision there that it has inspired me to continue sewing throughout my adult life.  I’ve written two books about sewing for beginning and intermediate students–Stitch by Stitch, which came out in 2010, and the “sequel” Stitch Savvy, which was released in 2012.  I owned a local sewing lounge in Atlanta from 2009 to 2013, and through interacting with readers and students have worked to develop online sewing classes that meet your skills where you are now, challenge you to expand your sewing abilities, and guide you to Learn As You Sew ™!  To read more about me, see details on the Whipstitch blog.  To read more about my philosophy of teaching craft, read my Be A Better Craft Teacher series on Sew, Mama, Sew.

Seriously?  Sewing classes ONLINE?

Yep, it’s true!  I’ve been passionate about leading people to love sewing for most of a decade, and heard again and again that people wished there was a sweet modern sewing or quilting shop closer to their home where they could meet like-minded folks and hone their sewing technique.  It occurred to me that the World Wide Internet Web could bring the shop to you!  In 2010, I launched my first sewing e-course, and these virtual classes have grown and developed over time into a whole community learning to sew or growing their sewing alongside one another.

E-courses are online classes that are open to anyone, anywhere. Through a combination of text lessons, PDF downloads, video, audio and chat, we explore the topic in depth, all in one big community.  I work hard to bring you original content in areas that are in high demand, and where I don’t see many outlets either in person or online–class topics range from an introduction to the fundamentals, in Essential Sewing or Essential Quilting, to a survey of a specialty sewing technique, like Sewing Knits, to working with original Whipstitch patterns, like Summer Dresses.  I like to offer classes you’ll want to come back to again and again, like The Hand-Sewn Year, and content you’ll want to reference over and over as you expand your skills.  You can even develop your business skills in classes like Crafty Business Basics!  All the content is housed here on the e-course site, saved under your personal profile, and accessible for you permanently so you’ll have your own private reference collection of video guidance!  Through the built-in community and discussion system, you get one-on-one personal attention, and can share your questions and ideas with others who are in the same class as you.  Classes can be started whenever you’re ready, taken on your schedule, and will fit into any schedule, in any part of the world.  I truly hope you love every one of these classes, and am so excited to see you join us!

Live classes, too!

In 2015, I opened a new studio space in Atlanta, offering weekly live sewing classes to local students.  For folks who want more hands-on interaction, these are a dreamy small-group option that gives you plenty of one-on-one attention up close with your sewing machine.  The studio is located at 270 Carpenter Drive, Suite 510 in Sandy Springs.  It is open only during scheduled class sessions, so check out the Atlanta course listings to find your class!

Questions?  Email me!  deborah (at) whipstitchfabrics (dot) com