Do classes meet every day?

Whipstitch e-courses are ready to register and begin at any time. You can enroll in a class and begin right away, with no set times to be “in” the classroom–watch the video and work your way through the course at your own pace, the way it fits into your schedule!  Some classes, taught “live,” will have a daily lesson posted which can be viewed by noon Eastern; these classes will also have a weekly live chat, and it is always optional for you to participate.  You’ll know “live” classes in the shop by the “Upcoming Dates” banner on the upper right corner of the product image; all other classes are ready to begin immediately after registration is complete!

Do I need any special equipment?

To view the class content, you’ll need just web access and a web-ready device, such as a laptop, iPad, smart phone or Kindle Fire. All video is streaming, and can be paused, rewound, started and stopped and viewed again as much as you like, according to your schedule!  To complete the lessons, you’ll need the supplies listed in the class content, which may include a sewing machine and basic sewing kit, along with fabric and notions for the projects and patterns included in the course. Supplies lists are available once registration is complete, for all classes, including “live” classes with upcoming dates.

Can I view the classes on my iPad?

Absolutely!  It’s such a convenient way to see the content, and while I like to use my laptop–and some students prefer to stream directly to their TV so they can see the video REALLY big–you can absolutely participate using your iPad.  Ditto the Kindle Fire, which I haven’t personally tested but am told supports streaming online video very nicely!

I'm outside the US--can I play, too?

Of course! I’m based in the United States, but as long as you can access the web, you should have no trouble viewing the videos and accessing the course content. For “live” classes, you’ll simply see the lessons at the same time in your time zone, rather than at noon; for archived classes, you’ll see the lessons and videos on demand.  If you’re outside the US, please adjust the times for any live chats to make sure you can join us!  Please note: all instruction is conducted in English.

I'm deaf or hard of hearing. Are the videos provided with subtitles?

Currently, the videos do not have subtitles, but given demand, I’m happy to look into providing that service. Please use the contact tab to drop me a note and let me know you’re interested! If you have some hearing, volume controls are built into the video playback interface to allow you to increase the volume.  You might also consider viewing the video through your television (using a streaming device such as AppleTV) or adding an external speaker, like the Bose SoundLink (I have one, and I loooove it!)

How long will I have access to the course materials?

Forever! Any class you purchase is yours to keep for the lifetime of the class site. Live chats are archived for your reference, and all downloads and video content remain available permanently for you to review at your leisure. “Live” classes will post new lessons daily; you will be able to review any published lesson forever.  Existing classes include every lesson for a course, and you can see everything from the moment your registration is complete!  You can access past courses through your “My Profile” tab, and under “Account” in the navigation bar at the top of the class page.

Do all classes include live chat?

Only classes designated with “Upcoming Dates” include a live chat component, along with the opportunity to have your work reviewed and evaluated weekly as the course progresses. These “live” classes have lessons posted daily so you’re able to keep pace with the content in an environment closer to an in-person class, but still in a virtual setting. “Upcoming” classes only take place six times a year and are fresh topics and content with original patterns, so keep your eyes peeled–they fill up fast!  All other classes are available to begin immediately, but don’t contain live chat–although I encourage you to consider joining a Sewcial (in Atlanta) or a Virtual Sewcial (anywhere in the world, via Instagram) to enhance your class experience and get additional real-time feedback!

Do you answer every student question?

I work hard to make sure that every student gets one-on-one interaction throughout the course, and endeavor to respond to every question within 24 hours. Sometimes, another student will beat me to the punch and offer an answer or suggestion even before I can! That’s one of the things I love best about the community we’ve built here at Whipstitch–chances to interact with one another and learn from the group as a whole. You might find that you have a question that has already been asked and answered by another student–be sure to scroll through the comments at the end of each lesson and read the threads you find there. Lots of wisdom up in here, y’all!

Can I share images of my own projects?

Always! Each class has a dedicated Flickr group where students can request membership and then upload and share their images. It’s a great way not just to show off your completed work, but also to ask questions and get an idea of how everyone else is approaching the materials. Plus, you get to make new friends and get inspired by what you see!  Feel free to add images to the Whipstitch Flickr group as a part of your course, or of other sewing projects you’re working on–we all love to see what you’re making!

When do I get my supply list?

The supplies required for each class are listed as one of the very first lessons for every course, and are available both as part of the class content and as a downloadble PDF. Look for the “Welcome!” post for the course to find your supplies!  You’ll be able to access these supplies as soon as your registration is complete, for any class, on-going or “live.”

Are patterns included for the classes?

Most classes include printable, original Whipstitch patterns in PDF format, suitable for 8.5″ x 11″ or A4 paper. Any included, printable PDF pattern is included for you as a part of your registration, and there is no additional fee–they’re for you!  Some courses require a printed pattern purchased from another manufacturer; this will be noted in the class description before you register for the course.  Purchased printed patterns are not included in the class fee, but can occasionally be purchased from the Whipstitch shop and shipped to you to arrive in time for you to begin the course.

When do new classes get added?

All the time! Six times a year, my “Upcoming” classes are added; these “live” classes take place over four weeks with daily lessons, weekly chats and one-on-one project reviews that give you an amazing opportunity for feedback and personal interaction. You’ll know these classes by the “Upcoming Dates” banner on the product image, indicating that the class has not yet begun but will soon!  “Live” dates will be posted in the course description. Other new classes are added as they’re ready, and don’t include a live component, but are full of video, audio, PDFs and images to guide you through the projects. If you don’t already, subscribe to the Whipstitch newsletter to get announcements when new courses are added! You can find the newsletter by clicking the top button in the sidebar on the Whipstitch blog.

What is the e-course refund policy?

Because this is a digital product with instant access granted upon purchase, no refunds are available. Please be sure to read descriptions thoroughly and ask any questions you might have before you register. If you’re not certain if a class is right for you, just ask! Use the contact form on the right side of the page to drop me a note, or email me by writing deborah (at) whipstitchfabrics (dot) com.