A Hand-Sewn Year: Projects to Sew for Every Holiday


An on-going and growing class where you'll sew projects for every holiday of the year and most of the days in-between!  Start with Christmas, and in 2015 add Halloween, harvest, and Thanksgiving.  In 2016, we'll add summer, Memorial and Labor Day, and back-to-school.  Build traditions for those you love as the year rolls by, all of it sewn by hand!  Video, audio, photo, and PDF instruction with periodic live chats.  All patterns included, along with extensive web round-ups of additional holiday projects and ideas.  It's like Pinterest, except you'll actually make the projects!



As the year rolls on by, I think so many of us really want to reach for something that can be constant, and that can help us to track and treasure the days.  I love that sewing makes that possible, and that the web is filled with amazing ideas for how to honor the year as it passes, giving us a chance to make moments with our families as time goes by.  This class is packed with ways to do just that, for each season, and the best part is that it’s growing!


Originally offered as a Christmas Camp, A Hand-Sewn Year is growing into a year-long collection of projects to cover every holiday on the calendar, and most of the days in-between.  Each year, I add another full season of projects, ranging from simple to complex, and including extensive resource lists and web round-ups.  In 2015, I’m adding projects for Halloween, Autumn and Thanksgiving, and in 2016 you’ll receive new projects for summer, Memorial and Labor Day, and Back-to-School.  All these projects are included in your one-time registration, so you receive projects to do now, access to all the content forever, and a growing list of ideas, resources and instruction in years to come.

Each of the included projects comes with FULL instructions and step-by-step guides, through photos or video, along with plenty of one-on-one guidance as you sew.  Most come complete with a printable instruction sheet so you can save them to make again, and there are whole lessons that will share dozens of links to activities and additional ideas from around the web to extend the season!  Heaven knows, you’re sure to get enough compliments on your finished projects that at least one family member is bound to ask you to make one for them–it’s always nice to know you’ll have a whole arsenal of holiday magic in your pocket, no matter what time of year it is.  Even if you don’t need to make every project on the list, each one will inspire you to shoot for a year of handmade love and goodness, the kind that builds memories and starts new traditions for your family.


A Hand-Sewn Year is an on-going online class, taught through a combination of written lessons, photos, videos, audio and downloadable PDFs.  Start now, work at your own pace, and the content will be available for you forever, to review and reference as you wish!  This class is a budding community of stitchers at all levels, folks who want to create something their family will treasure–just like you.

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