Flat Patternmaking


An exciting online class that walks you through the techniques of drafting your own sewing patterns!  Using your body measurements and basic tools, you’ll create original patterns for an A-line skirt, a tee shirt and more.  Share your projects and receive feedback on your work while learning a skill that will make all your sewing the best it can be!



Among the many sewing skills that you might pursue, patternmaking has the potential to be one of the most impactful.  It will train you to look at shapes as they relate to the human body, require you to be discerning about the patterns you purchase, and enable you to create exactly what you are looking for, whether it exists in the world or not.  The skill of patternmaking is about more than just drafting patterns–it is about developing the skills of sewing garments that allow you to veer away from ANY pattern and make it just what you want it to be.  And the core concepts are so, so much simpler than you might expect–measure, draft, a little math, and sew.  You can do this.

This class focuses on the concepts of FLAT patternmaking.  This is the practice of taking measurements from the human body and translating them to two-dimensional paper patterns.  Rather than draping on a three-dimensional human form, flat patternmaking allows you to experiment with shapes in a way that will help build your skills when sewing with ALL printed paper patterns, whether you made them yourself or purchased them from somewhere else.  Never again will you fear the printed pattern!  Jubilee!!

Using readily-available tools and concepts, we’ll build a whole host of patterns, from the ground up.  With the skills you’ll acquire, you’ll develop the confidence and experience that will allow you to move ahead in your sewing, cement those foundational skills and build upon them.  And at the end, you’ll have a catalog of incredible, original patterns that you’ll be invited to share with your classmates and keep for yourself!

ALL content remains accessible to you for as long as the internet lasts, giving you plenty of opportunities to reinforce, review, or rewatch any lesson at your own pace!

*Please note: the A-line skirt covered in this class uses a different drafting technique than the one included in my Craftsy class.  There’s no need to fear duplicate content–this is an ALL-NEW class with new techniques, patterns, and ideas! You’ll find the same friendly, approachable instruction and lots of personal feedback during our time together.  Glad to have you here!


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