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A pen pal project with virtual toys!  Every registration enrolls you in the Buddy pool.  You’ll be personally matched with another individual who loves to sew, and the two of you will communicate with one another via email.  From there, you’re in charge!  Simply email to keep one another motivated and encouraged; or work on projects parallel from your two homes; or sew items to swap with each other through regular mail; or join in any number of charity sewing projects sponsored by the Sewing Buddy Project as a larger group.  A small flat fee covers all the goodies listed below!

Find your sewing people and get magically matched up with the perfect sewing companion to walk alongside you as you work to meet your sewing goals.  You’ll never know how much fun your sewing can be until you have a Buddy to share it with!

Registration opens December 28, 2015 and closes January 30, 2016.  All matches will be emailed no later than midnight Eastern time on February 1, 2016.

Product Description

I started the Sewing Buddy Project seven years ago in response to a survey I conducted on the Whipstitch blog that indicated one of the biggest things that would help most of us get more of our sewing goals met was to have a friend who would sew alongside us (literally or figuratively) and keep us motivated and excited about our sewing projects.  Sewing Buddies were my answer: a system of pen pals who all love to sew and want to get to know other sewing folks.

I never imagined it would last so long or be such a big hit.  Over the space of the past three-quarters-of-a-decade, over 1200 people have taken part in Sewing Buddies.  Holy cow!

I am so amazed at how great the sewing buddy pairing worked out. We have so much in common, and it’s been really fantastic having a sewing friend (who is a lot better than me!) to bounce ideas off of. Thanks for making it possible! –U.P.

The Sewing Buddy Project is a pen pal program.  People from all over the world register, and are matched with a personal pen pal who will communicate with them via email.  You won’t know who your Buddy is or where they’re from until you’re matched, and then the rest is up to you!  This is a year-long commitment to communicate with another person who loves to sew, as simple as that.  For the price of a couple of cups of coffee, you get to meet a new friend and sew together, as much or as little as you like!

My sewing buddy and I corresponded very well, and the most rewarding part was the motivation it gave me to sew, as well as the inspiration.–A.N.

In addition to being matched with your Buddy, the 2016 Project is adding on some new layers!  Based on feedback from Buddies in years past, this year your registration will include:

  • a personalized Sewing Buddy match that will be emailed to you both privately, by me personally!
  • a monthly inspirational email with a reminder to check in on your Sewing Buddy
  • a dedicated online “classroom” space, updated with a monthly optional sewing prompt or idea for you and your Buddy to explore together–these may include projects, link round-ups from across the Web, or downloads!
  • an automated monthly email direct to your inbox to alert you when new sewing prompts have been posted in the online “classroom”
  • a private Facebook page just for Sewing Buddies where you can share your projects, get ideas, meet other Buddy pairs and stay connected
  • an Instagram hashtag so you can tag your projects–or works-in-progress–and add them to the Sewing Buddy pool

I loved building a relationship with another sewer, and the connection to another person who loves to sew who may be more similar to my age. Most of the people in my local area are older, which is good but it’s nice to have people my own age to relate to. Thanks, Sewing Buddy!–N.S.

Register and you’ll be magically matched in the Super Sciency Whirly Bin of Sewing Dreams with the PERFECT sewing pen pal, just for you.  You and your Buddy will be on your way to spending the rest of 2016 getting to know one another, encouraging each other, sharing ideas and projects and inspiration–and even more, if you want!

You’ll be amazed at what having a Sewing Buddy can do for you.  Join us for 2016 and be part of the magic!

Immediately upon registration, you’ll receive a PDF download with instructions for adding your information to the selection pool so you can be matched!  Check your inbox, or log in using your account (in the upper right hand corner of this page) to access all the resources included!


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