FamGrab Deal Today: 57% Off!

Quick!  Now through Sunday, you can get the FamGrab Whipstitch Deal: a six-class card for kids, tweens & teens classes at a 35% savings–amazing!  Plus, get all the classes punched and get a seventh class FREE.  Not hot enough for you?  Try the SIDE DEAL, too: $35 worth of merchandise for $15.  Dude.  Even I’m pretty tempted by that one–that’s 57% off!

And to top it all off, a portion of the proceeds goes to benefit charity, through Pebble Tossers online volunteer resource.  Hurry–you’ve got this weekend, but then it’s GONE!

3 Comments on “FamGrab Deal Today: 57% Off!

  1. Is the side grab deal valid for those of us who are online customers? I love the fat quarter bundles you offer – they’re always great!

    • YES! The side grab IS valid online. Just use your unique deal code after purchase when you checkout!

  2. I just went to buy the side buy to use in your etsy shop (that is a-ok, correct) but it looks like the site isn’t secure. My browse kept telling my the https isn’t ‘s’ 🙁