Inside the New Shop

At the risk of the blog becoming all-shop-all-the-time, one more post about our new retail space: last Thursday, we opened to the public and hosted our very first Sewing Circle inside the new Whipstitch.

Great turn-out, such a good vibe, and such a fun night to welcome visitors into our new home.

We lit some candles for mood lighting as the sun went down, and everyone shared their current sewing projects (including: a ukelele case with custom embroidery, a felt Christmas stocking with lots of embellishment, sorting through a vintage pattern collection, and tackling a knit dress).

Folks took their time shopping and admiring the new fabric displays (love’em!).

I’m so proud of everything we’ve accomplished in such short time, and SO excited that the space is finally open.  I can’t wait to see all the new workshops we’ve got planned, all the camps that are coming up this summer, and meet so many of you I haven’t had the chance to meet before.

Come by soon, introduce yourself, sign up for a class, and thanks again for all the amazing support and encouragement!

Happy Stitching,


8 Comments on “Inside the New Shop

  1. Oh Debbie…. I LOVE IT!!!!!!! SO wish that I still lived in the ATL and could pop by tonight. Love all the pictures. Hope to see you soon!

  2. Congratulations Deb! The pictures look great and I look forward to seeing the shop when I’m next in Atlanta. All good wishes!

  3. Oh Lawsy! I cant wait to get by there! All those cool fabrics are calling to me!!!!

  4. Congratulations and best wishes for your new store. The layout looks fabulous! I would love a store like that where I live!

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