Little Apples

I was minding my own business, really I was, at the shop, teaching my class last night.

But then I look down and my hands are full of fabric.

A giant half-yard bundle of delicious, delicious fabric.

See how super cute?  With the argyle print and the button stripe?  With the sweet colors and the softly autumnal theme?

Little Apples by Aneela Hoey now shipping from the shop!  Watch out, it jumps into your basket when you’re not looking.

3 Comments on “Little Apples

  1. Oh, I have fabric envy…. Those are gorgeous. I’m trying to limit my fabric purchasing at the moment and actually use some of the stuff I’ve bought previously, but my willpower… it is waning…

  2. Deborah, it already did! My dining room table has all of those fabrics splayed across it. So adorable!

    What are you making with yours?