Packing to Move. Again.

I need your advice.  So, we’re packing up to move.  Again.  This is what it looked like when I packed my studio to leave the last house: took 32 boxes.  Not even kidding a little.  Now, my husband clearly loves me, because we’ve got some hourly help coming tomorrow morning, and what I don’t know is this: what do I need to keep out, and what should I let them pack away?  What I mean is, what is it in your sewing room that’s totally essential and that you couldn’t wait to unpack from a box because you’d need it too soon?  My brain is fried, and I just know I’ll let them put something totally important at the bottom of some box, and then put a ton of thread on top of it, and I’ll open the big box of thread and I won’t think it’s that important and I’ll say, “Meh, I’ll unpack this box later,” except I won’t, really, which means that this Really Important Thing will be lost for all eternity and only found in twenty years when we move out of this NEW house into…whatever comes next in twenty years.

Do you see why I need your help?  Take pity, world.

P.S.  See that wall color?  That’s the one we picked for the entire house in the new place.  Just in case you’re following along on our renovation progress.  Living room, den, dining room, entryway, kitchen, breakfast area, sunroom, all the same lovely shade of green.  Or, it will be, once I paint it.  Gotta go.

14 Comments on “Packing to Move. Again.

  1. I would say you need a sewing kit… think basic thread colors, pins, hand/machine needles, little scissors, and spare buttons. Oh, and A SEAM RIPPER. I went through 3 boxes to find mine. And interfacing.

    Maybe rotary stuff? Projects you want to finish first?

  2. I like your husband’s sense of humor, lol. In addition to packing your children, I would suggest a small box with key supplies. In my many moves I have always packed (in my own vehicle) one of my sewing machines and a small basket that includes different types of threads, needles, a rotary cutter a tape measure, seam ripper, case with my sewing machine feet, and a yard stick. I also keep my basket with any projects in progress. Give me something to look at while I unpack.

  3. I’m with your hubby and Deborah G– and I would also add any of your go to sewing/quilting rulers and cutting mats. We moved relatively recently and some of those cutting mats and rulers can get big– we put them in wardrobers and let’s just say, make sure you mark those clearly because I spent a while looking for those! Happy moving to you!

  4. Pack as though you were going on a sewing retreat. Take a few current projects and the supplies you need for those. You’re pretty clever, you’ll manage 🙂

  5. My house looks exactly like yours…full of boxes. I moved last week and we still don’t have all the doors. I know what I will be up to this Christmas. I miss my sewing so bad!

    • Oh, let’s commiserate!! I haven’t painted the cabinet doors to the kitchen cabinets yet, so all our things are getting put away, but there are no doors to cover them. And still I keep finding MORE boxes! Hope you’re loving your new place–we’re really falling in love with this one, bit by bit. Congrats on the move!

    • Oooh, thank you!! We ended up going with our own contractor, who has been a DREAM–but the painting is all me. Which is why it isn’t done yet. Hubs is getting a little antsy. And now that we have internet again, who knows how long it’ll be before all these projects are done?? 🙂

  6. Wow, you eat a lot of Fritos! ;-))) good luck with the move!!!

  7. Cutting mat I moved back in April, and still not managed to find where the movers stashed my cutting mat. We moved from 4 bed to a 2 bed so have half a house still in boxes. Had to buy a new one 🙁 could have bought so much material instead. Hope you survived the move

  8. Hope you got all moved in okay. Looked forward to your new posts. Happy New year 2012

    • I’ve missed the blog!! Time to get these cabinet doors painted so I can get back to blogging and sewing, yes? SO MUCH PAINT. I’m exhausted. Here’s to a very happy and bright 2012!