The Pinafore

All-New PDF Pattern from Whipstitch!

We have three girls, and all three of them–even this littlest one–have been busy girls.  They have things to do and places to go, you know.  Getting them dressed so that they can be active but still wear the sweet girly things that they love (and that I love, let’s be honest) is always easier when I have a go-to pattern that I know will look great, wear with anything, and that’s suitable for any destination from church to the playground.  This is my favorite one, based on a style my own mother made for me and my sisters: the Pinafore.

The classic pinafore was an over-dress, meant to be half dress/half apron and protect a girl’s clothing from the dust and dirt of the outside world.  The strappy shape fits over sleeves of a full dress and gives a sweet look to any little lady.  What I love about the Whipstitch Pinafore, though, is that it gives me the flexibility to have my girls wear it almost anywhere: they wear it in the summer on its own (or with a diaper covers for the littlies or shorts for the older girls), in the fall with a tee underneath, in the winter with jeans and a cardigan, and in the spring with a skirt.  Or any time of year with a short-or-long-sleeved dress, in that most traditional fashion.  It’s SUCH a fun shape and so easy to style so many different ways!

This jumper is quick to stitch up, with a lined bodice that goes together like a dream (and will teach you some great tricks to use when sewing sleeveless designs), a quick gathered skirt, and a clean button back.  Use one button for an apron look, or lots for a full-coverage dress look.  What a great style for showcasing your favorite novelty fabrics and buttons, too!

Since the Pinafore is sized generously, you can make her the size she wears now to serve as jumper or dress, and as she grows, it will grow with her, becoming a tunic and finally a hip-length top–years of enjoying your favorite fabrics, all in a sweet shape that’s timeless!

Included is a 13-page PDF with pattern pieces for sewing the Pinafore in sizes 12 months through 6T, clearly-written instructions with full-color photographs, and tips and tricks for sewing this shape that can carry over to all the other designs you’re itching to stitch (because I always want you to Learn As You Sew!).  When you click through to buy, you’ll be taken to an instant download page, so you’ll be off and sewing TODAY with no delay–woot!

I really hope you love making the Pinafore as much as I do.  It’s seriously, honestly a major staple in my girls’ wardrobes, and I hope it becomes the same for you!  Happy sewing!

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