#scrappytripalong Finish!

scrappytripalong binding

It is finished!  My #scrappytripalong quilt is all done–and I could not be more in love, seriously.


What’s really funny (although I totally should not admit this here, because I’m sure I’ll be un-invited to parties from now on if I do) is that just a few months ago, I remember telling my friend Elle that I was “done with this whole quilting thing–I mean, I think it’s out of my system.”  Given that I whipped this out within four days of the whole virus getting started on Instagram, and now have a list of no fewer than seven planned quilts on my wall PLUS the other six I cut and prepped and put in project bags last fall, it seems apparent that I am not “over this whole quilting thing” in the least.  But, you know, like any other kind of sewing or creating, I think it comes in waves and stages–and I feel like I’m coming out of a trough and back up toward a cresting peak.  Which is exhilarating.

scrappytripalong polka dots

I think my favorite thing about this quilt is the bright, bright colors and the punctuation of white throughout.  It’s so cheerful and spring-y, great for the gloomy rainy day I shot these photos.  Something about the black-and-white polka dot binding really spoke to me, like a whimsical frame around the body of the quilt.

scrappytripalong texture

The quilting is very simple lattice stitching, diagonally in both directions through every other row of squares.  I thought at first I would do diagonals and then straight lines parallel to every other seam, like Rita’s, but after I did the diagonals (which were totally fun–I just eyeballed them and it was quick and satisfying), I loved the way it looked and figured I’d leave well enough alone.  Plus, at 72″ x 72″, this quilt is pretty huge, and I was tuckered from wrestling it up on the table.

scrappytripalong back

The back is pieced from some random chunks of fabric from my stash–which seemed appropriate for a scrappy quilt.  The strip of Kona white was leftover from making the strips for the quilt top, and I liked the way it breaks up the larger sections of fabric.

scrappytripalong comfy

I’m taking my #scrappytripalong with me tonight to the new West Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild meeting for show-and-tell, too!  Will you be there?  So fun to have a new quilt guild forming, and to see the sheer level of excitement and involvement that is already springing up–I know the ladies who are organizing the guild are looking forward to a good turn-out tonight.  If you’re an Atlanta local, I hope to see you there!

11 Comments on “#scrappytripalong Finish!

    • I know, isn’t that ridiculous? Sometimes I think words just come out of my mouth without passing through my brain… 🙂

  1. I want it! I can’t believe you finished in four days. I’ve spent four days just trying to properly baste a twin quilt. I wish I could make something like you did in four days. I’m not sure I have it in me.

  2. super great. I can’t say I’ve caught the #scrappytripalong bug yet, but I will say I’ve thought about it. In Architextures? Little folks? I think the point is to find scraps and do it, but I’m not a very creative quilter. 🙂

    • I’ve got plans to make an all-yellow one and then one all in Chicopee. It’s just so fast and addictive–intoxicating is the word I used at the guild meeting. And little folks? I die. Give it a shot–it’s a really fun while-you’re-watching-a-movie sew.

  3. I have to say I’m glad you’ve got the quilt virus again! I’m loving this quilt, especially in that first picture showing off the fab quilting and punching black dot binding. Well done!

    • I know, right? “Over it” is such a joke–clearly I have many more quilts to make. I looooove this one–it’s at the shop for now, until I can figure out where it will live forever, but I can’t wait to bring it home! Glad you like it! 🙂

  4. This is so beautiful – exactly the quilt I want in my living room this spring. Thanks for inspiring me!!

  5. Love the colours. Are they random 9 patch blocks? Mine never turn out like that!

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