Sewing Buddy Project OPEN for 2012!

At last!!  Back for a THIRD year–can you believe it??–the Sewing Buddy Project is OPEN for 2012!  Sewing Buddies began back in early 2010 from suggestions I got from readers who said they felt that the best motivation they could have to learn more and do more sewing would be to have a friend who would encourage them and support them and inspire them and keep them accountable for meeting their sewing goals.  I devised an intensely scientific matching system that utilizes here-to-fore unknown technology to pair up the perfect buddies, some of whom are still going strong.  It has been so much fun to watch these folks–who really are sewing pen pals, of a sort–get to know one another better and meet in person and participate in charity sewing and inspire one another and make me laugh.

This year, I’m looking to mix things up a bit.  Not because it hasn’t been awesome the past two years, but because I want to make the Sewing Buddies a bit more participatory than in years past.  It’s easy to enter into a group and either lose focus or steam, or simply not know what comes next after the initial getting-to-know-yous are past, including for me–and while I think a lot of our Buddies have had some amazing ideas and deep connections, this year I want to make sure ALL of us do!

This year, Sewing Buddies will all be eligible for participation in quarterly sewing challenges, centered around a theme.  Every three months for the rest of the year, all you Sewing Buddies will have the chance to win prizes, showcase your sewing here on the blog, and grow your own sewing skills by working together to create something awesome!  All the challenges are designed to take TWO people to complete–but also to account for the fact that you’re pen pals and not next door neighbors.  They’re optional, but why not take advantage of a chance to do some new sewing, get to know another stitcher better, and win fantastic prizes at the same time??  There are THREE challenges in 2012, and each of them has some really delicious prizes–I’ll be rolling those out over the coming weeks to get you motivated to step up to the plate, as it were.

Additionally, the Sewing Inspiration e-mails I’ve been sending are becoming the Sewing Buddy Inspiration e-mails!  That’s right: all my 2012 Sewing Buddies will be added to the list of folks who helped me launch my Sewing Inspiration emails, and will receive a monthly message of stitchy motivation, right in their inbox, complete with ideas and techniques to help you really bring your A-game to the current quarter’s sewing challenge.


As in the past, it all begins with you throwing your name in the hat, so let’s get started!

Guidelines for 2012 Sewing Buddy Project participation:

  • Agree that you will leave no email from your Sewing Buddy un-answered.  Simply replying to each message as they go back and forth will build your commitment and resolve.  If your Sewing Buddy-ness goes no further than encouraging emails once a week, that’s awesome!  It will keep you on-track to meet some goals or to challenge yourself in a way you might not have otherwise.  If you both decide to start your own Flickr group or joint blog or do some mail exchanges, even better.  At a minimum, though, resolve to always answer your Buddy’s emails–any other participation in challenges or contests is completely voluntary.
  • Branch out and get a new Sewing Buddy, even if you’ve already been rocking it with your 2010 or 2011 Buddy.  You can never have too many friends who sew!  You can keep your other Buddies and learn great stuff from a new one.  Isn’t friendship awesome?
  • Sewing Buddies can be from anywhere in the world, as long as you’re willing to communicate in English.  We’ve had folks from Britain, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Canada, Austria and a host of other nations participate, and you can, too!  I can’t promise you’ll get a Buddy who is geographically near to you, but isn’t that part of the fun, that discovery?  Hooray for international diplomacy!
  • Be on the lookout for contests, challenges, secret passwords, and even (gasp!) meet-ups designed just for Sewing Buddies!  We’ll have our quarterly sewing challenge, but there is plenty more that we can do–and I’ve taken suggestions and comments from past Sewing Buddies very seriously as I work to make this the coolest pen pal experience you’ve ever had!

That’s it!  I’ll begin matching names in the magic whirly-bin of Sewing Buddy Science on March 25, 2012.  Sign-ups will close April 1, 2012 at midnight.  Pairs will be notified no later than April 2, 2012 and the first challenge will be announced the same day!

To participate in the 2012 Sewing Buddy Project:

  • To add your name to the list to be matched with a Buddy, simply leave a comment below–that’s it!  Include a working email address that you check (this will be captured when you leave your name, so it isn’t necessary to leave it in the body of your comment).
  • You’ll receive an email from me asking you to (1) confirm your participation and (2) name a favorite color and a number between 1 and 10.  These emails will go out in batches beginning March 23; Buddies will be matched from within each batch.
  • I’ll use the responses to the emails I receive along with a super-scientific system here at the Whipstitch Labs to match you to the PERFECT Sewing Buddy based on a four-fold formula that’s much too complicated to write about here but that is really awesome and space-y.
  • I’ll send an email to the both of you giving introductions in proper Victorian style (a lady never spends time with someone to whom she has not been properly introduced), and then like a mother whose chicks are leaving the nest, I’ll step back and watch as the friendship flourishes.
  • You and your buddy will make the initial contact and see where it leads you!  Contests?  Maybe.  Inspiration?  Certainly.  Life-long friendship?  Golly, I hope so.

That’s it!  I’m really looking forward to hearing more from all of you this year, can am so pleased so many of you are looking to continue the Sewing Buddy love.  Hooray!

155 Comments on “Sewing Buddy Project OPEN for 2012!

  1. yup, i’m totally in again! i did it last year, and while we didn’t get a whole lot of constant communication, i ended up with some awesome mementos from her trip to Japan!

  2. Match me up! I could use a little sewing motivation.

  3. That sounds like fun, sign me up – but I will be traveling April 7th through the 18th. My internet and email access will be fairly limited during this time. (My in-laws don’t have internet!)

  4. My family will be so pleased to hear that someone else will be there to listen to me go on and on and on about sewing projects:-)

    • Ha! Maybe that’s what ALL the husbands and children are secretly hoping… They won’t have to use their Ryan Gosling meme-voices anymore. 🙂

  5. My sewing buddy and I never really hit it off last year, so I’d love a chance to try again!

  6. I am up for a challenge! If it doesn’t matter I’m from across the ocean:)

  7. Oooooooo how fun! I’m a new sewer with one beginners class under my belt. I’d love to participate! Lisasharp123 at Comcast dot net.

  8. Hooray! I’m in. So glad you’re making time for this in all the craziness you have going on!


    • I’m excited to be doing it again, and have so many friendly, familiar faces back for another year! Yay!

  9. Time to get serious about sewing — not just saving it for “dessert” after all the chores are done! Maybe more like a minimum daily requirement — that will soon gallop off into a MAXimum daily requirement??? I’m in!!

  10. Oh gosh, this sounds fun, but so intimidating if I get paired with a master seamstress. Come on’ fellow beginner/intermediate! 😉

  11. I’ve been so looking forward to this since I first read about it. I’m so excited to get a sewing buddy!

  12. Taking the plunge and looking forward to what this will bring.

  13. Alright, this makes me feel a little blind-date nervous, but excited!

  14. Oh yah this sounds like so much fun! Can NEVER EVER have enough friends who sew.

  15. I’m more confident with knitting than sewing. Only one way to change that, I suppose!

  16. How fun! I hope some other people from our Sewing Essentials E-course sign up, too!

  17. Sign me up!! I would LOVE to make some new sewing friends, and this sounds like so much fun! Being new to Atlanta, I can’t wait to connect more with you and your shop 🙂

  18. This is one of the reasons why I started a blog this year – to meet super talented people who love to sew as much as me! I can’t wait 🙂

  19. This seems like a great idea and I would love to take part. Please count me in!

  20. Would love to “meet” up with a new sewing buddy! Thanks so much!

  21. Wow- had to read up about this and it sound like fab project- count me in as a new buddy:)

  22. Please add me to the list, I can’t wait for a little push in the right direction!

  23. This sounds like great fun! Can’t wait to start!!

  24. I’ve never done anything like this before but I very much look forward to it. I know it will be fun and challenging.

  25. Count me in, I definitely need the motivation!

  26. Sounds like the folks that did this before were pretty happy with their friend……sounds like fun.

    thanks and Happy sewing

  27. Still going with my buddy from 2011 and back again for more sewing-buddy fun-ness; count me in!

  28. Whee!! I missed out the last two years, I’m excited for this one!!

  29. I lost contact with my old sewing buddy (sniff). I’m game for a new bud.

  30. I need someone to make me finish all these WIPs!

  31. Came here from Twitter…this sounds like a great idea and I’d love to participate. I really enjoyed having a PenPal when I was in elementary school and while Social Media has opened many doors, it’s still nice to have a unique connection to someone. Yay!!!!!!

  32. Sounds like fun and a great way to get me motivated to actually sew, which I love to do when I have the motivation.

  33. Sign me UP 🙂 had a great buddy last year and would love to add another sewing buddy this year!!

  34. Sign me up! I’d love more friends. I am an experienced sewer and I work almost exclusively by hand (by choice).

  35. Sign me up! With luck, my teaching assignment will be canceled and I’ll have loads of time to sew!

  36. intrigued! Sign me up. Looking forward to a challenge.

  37. This does sound like a great idea! I’d love to give it a try!

  38. Sounds fun! Looking forward to sharing with a sewing friend 🙂

  39. I am so interested. I am self taught. I love blogs and contests to expand my knowledge. I am so bummed I found your site today as I would have loved to come this weekend. I am trying to get my sister and mom to come by.

  40. Count me in!!! Love sewing of different types….home dec, clothing, quilting, etc. therefore, I am a master of nothing…..but I have lots of fun trying. Sign me up!

  41. I hope it’s not too late…I would love to have a sewing buddy!!!

  42. I am excited to do this. As long as it is ok that I am very much a beginner sewer. But am excited to learn more this summer.

  43. I’d love a sewing buddy! I am very much a beginner, hope that’s ok!

  44. Id like to try again. My last buddy disappeared!

  45. Looking forward to joining the fun. Thanks for the opportunity!

  46. I’m in! (class has got me all inspired – thanks deborah!)

  47. What a fantastic find – I’d love to be paired up with a sewing buddy. Kudos for creating something wonderful!

  48. Count me in! I’d love to participate and the challenges sound fun!

  49. Yes please! This will help me get off Pinterest and start actually making more stuff!

  50. After a long hiatus… I need the motivation, this would be perfect. I speak French fluently, and I want to learn Italian (… and other languages) so I welcome to have a buddy across the pond, the borders…ah hah… Stitches Beyond Borders… or CSF, aka Couture Sans Frontieres. Who knows this would be hatched here at Whipstich!

  51. i’ll be honest – i’m a bit nervous 🙂 but willing to give it a try this year

  52. I would love to have a sewing buddy this year as I really need some encouragement to stop planning and start, you know, sewing! 🙂

  53. I’m so excited to get a sewing buddy! Thank you! : )

  54. I have many projects started and more planned. Sadly not many finished projects. I need a sewing buddy to encourage me to finish something – anything!

  55. I was just lamenting the other day that I don’t have a local sewing buddy. This fits the bill perfectly! Can’t wait!

  56. Sign me up!!! Looking forward to meeting someone new!

  57. I would love to participate…. I want to learn more about quilting and a friend would be nice motivation!

  58. I am looking forward to making new sewing friends. Thank you.

  59. Is it too late for me to get a sewing buddy? I hope not!

  60. I’m so happy that I stumbled upon your website JUST in time for this Sewing Buddy project! This is such a great idea! I haven’t been able to find a sewing buddy nearby, so why not search the world? Thank you for making this possible!

  61. Please sign me up too! Thank you. Could I have a separate buddy than my mom. Very excited about this project!

  62. Sounds like fun. As someone else said, someone to help me move past the planning/designing stage. Nita

  63. Looking forward to getting a sewing buddy! What a great idea! So excited!

  64. Sounds like a great idea, I can’t wait to get started.

  65. Oh, gosh, I’m so happy I spotted this post! I’d love a sewing buddy, especially one who might be really good at collars!

  66. I’m a newbie sewer. Being a sewing buddy sounds like my kind of fun.

  67. Oh! So glad I checked my Reader today and was able to get signed up in a nick of time! I would love to have a sewing buddy!!

  68. If I my comment is within your cut off time, (not sure how far ahead in time we are in Australia) – I’d love to have a sewing buddy.

  69. would love to sign up + make a new friend! started sewing 1+ yr ago and am experimenting sewing clothes fans stuff or myself + my little one.

  70. I saw that you are still accepting people. I am a new sewer and would love to join in

  71. Only just found out about this, if I’m in the cut off time I would love a sewing buddy!

  72. sure. I’ve been making a bit more space in my world for sewing – maybe this will be a nice, civilized kick in the pants…

  73. I am a beginner. I have really been wanting to sew, and this is inspiring 🙂

  74. I’m so sad I missed this! I’ll have to keep out an eye for it next year. Have a blast crafting!!!

  75. Oh man what a fun and neat idea I just found this sewing buddy project on a flicker group I just joined to bad i missed it:( would of loved to join in on the fun good luck sewers on your adventures maybe next year

  76. I just happened to come across this blog post and WOW– I would have loved, loved, LOVED (did I say loved?? hehe) to join in on this!!! 🙁 I could SOOO use this right now– what a total bummer! But I understand you need to have a deadline. Any chance you can write my name down just in case someone has a partner that “flakes” (I’ve never liked that word! lol) on them or something throughout the year?? Thanks so much for your consideration!!! 🙂 You are so very generous for taking the time and effort to line this up!

    • Happy to do it! I’ll start an “alternates” list and make you #1–if anyone has an issue come up and cannot continue, you will wear her Sewing Buddy crown! 🙂

      • can you count me in as well lol i love to be an alternate if at all possible more now with all the troubles i am having with this sewing project uggghs but that’s another story 🙂 thanks so much I agree you are very generous for taking the time and effort to line this up

  77. Would you please add me to the alternate list as well? Thanks!

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  79. I NEED a Sew Buddy! I’m basically a Quilter, not a ‘anything-sewer’. Piecing Quilts and machine quilting is one of my Favorite past times. Would luv to Share Patterns, Techniques & emails with a Buddy. Tnx for this offer…..

    • Judy,

      I do quilting Ravenztarot at Drop me a line..
      Thanx DEE

  80. Is it too late to join the sewing buddies? I jist found out about!

  81. A sewing buddy would be fantastic. I’d like to join as well if possible??

  82. Are you going to do this for 2013 also? Im very new to sewing and this sounds fantastic!

  83. Is there still someone organizing this or how do we get it started?