Sewing Clothing for Kids e-course registration now open!


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I can’t believe how quickly the year is flying by!  It’s already time to start registration for my Sewing Clothing for Kids e-course, because spring is on the way and we’ve got sweet little babies to dress.  This class has been both very popular and incredibly fun for me to teach–it includes eight great patterns and such great style for boys AND girls.  That’s right, BOYS AND GIRLS.  We have both at our house, and I feel your pain when it comes to finding cute clothes for all of them.  Over the course of five weeks, we’ll tackle the basics of kids’ clothing construction.  All you need is some foundational sewing skills and some fabric–get your patterns with the purchase of the class, and join in the fun!  See all the details, plus peek at photos of the garments we’ll be making and register, all right here.  Class begins March 11, 2013!

4 Comments on “Sewing Clothing for Kids e-course registration now open!

  1. Hey, I just wanted to say that I took this class last year and I really really did enjoy it !! Do not hesitate people, it is really great!!!

    • Oh, thank you, Tiphaine! We’ll miss having you in the group this year–hope you’re well! :)

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