Sewing Kids Clothing

The Sewing Kids Clothing e-course is just about to get underway, and I posted some images of the projects we’ll be working on together today for the students who have already enrolled.  Thought I’d let y’all take a gander, too, in case you’d like to join us!  It’s eight patterns in five weeks, with a total–conservatively–of twenty-one different garments you can make with the variations (but I bet if you were ambitious you could make a few more).  Registration is here, class starts online on Monday!

7 Comments on “Sewing Kids Clothing

  1. I am already signed up and am so excited to see what we will be making. Even better than I had hoped! Can’t wait!!!!

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  3. Well, shoot – wish I had seen this earlier – I would have loved that discount! drat. The clothes look wonderful!!! Is it really not too late to sign up? Are all the patterns downloaded and taped together? Thx.

  4. Yay! Can’t wait to start. I’ve been raiding my stash for the perfect fabrics.

  5. I signed up and am eagerly awaiting the first lesson! I am so excited!

  6. Will you be offering this class again in the future or is it available online? I have recently started to sew for my little one and while the summer dress patterns that I found weren’t too bad, now that we are moving into fall and I need to add sleeves and such I am starting to struggle. I would love to find a class that gives tips and tricks especially working on such small scales.

    • Kristy– Currently, I have plans to offer this class again in the spring of 2012, right before Easter. Hope that helps, because we’d love to have you!