Sewing With Kids

Because I love to sew, and because I have children, I long to share sewing with my kids in a way that leads them to love it, too.  After spending most of a decade teaching school, I have some pretty definite ideas about how to best capture a moment when children are most receptive to instruction–and I want to use those ideas to power a movement where we take the things that matter most to us and offer them to our children as a gift, as a legacy.  I genuinely believe that sewing can be so much more than just a hobby: I think it can change you, change your relationships, and given enough time, change the world.

This series is about sewing WITH our kids, and at the same time, making a moment, for want of a better term.  I want my kids to remember playing with buttons and sorting through scraps and working with a needle the way I do–the way so many women our age have memories of being in their mother’s or grandmother’s sewing room and how that felt, in hands and in hearts.  Not to be super hokey or anything, but I think we pull our kids a little closer when we show them how to stitch.

Each of the projects is designed to teach a new sewing skill–from simple hand work all the way to sewing on a machine–and to introduce an idea or a thought or a character trait or a value that we want our kids to embrace.  Like persistence, or focus, or forgiveness.  Like patience, or caution, or sharing.  All of those are things that I learned by sewing, and things I want my kids to internalize and have forever.

I’ve designed these projects primarily for children aged 3-8, but I’d totally do them with a bunch of my lady friends over a glass of wine, so I think they have a pretty universal appeal.  Follow the links below to see each lesson in order–new lessons will be added as they’re posted each Thursday this spring!