Sudoku Quilt Complete!

It’s done!  Finally got some more thread and completed the quilting on the Central Park Sudoku quilt. Very spring-time appropriate, wouldn’t you say?

This is the largest piece I’ve done free-motion quilting on, and it’s no joke when folks talk about the bulk being an issue.  The quilt measures right about 50″ x 50″, and there was some real drag at the machine as I was working my way across.  I have about 15″ of table to the left of my needle, but could have used another 12″ or so.

I know I’m an absolute nerd for saying this, but the quilting itself–drag and all–was super soothing.  I felt like I could put my hands on auto-pilot, but somehow at the same time, I was giving so much attention to the work I was doing, that the noise in my head got quiet for a while.  It was restorative and relaxing, even with 2500 square inches of quilt sitting in my lap.

This puppy is now on display at the shop in Atlanta, if you wanna take a gander!

7 Comments on “Sudoku Quilt Complete!

  1. Beautiful! I have made a sudoku quilt and it was so fun. Like a nine patch with “purpose.” I don’t have the meandering thing down so I think it would be super stressful for me. Do you start in one spot, like the center and the move out? Do you work in quadrants? (see what I mean?)

  2. so funny, I was JUST thinking of that quilt today! I gave it to my MIL for Christmas and I wondered if she thought it was totally silly. But look, you did it and it’s totally cool! well done!

  3. Really lovely! Central Park is such a pretty collection and that quilt really showcases it!

  4. I want to make a sudoku quilt. So, can you tell me the measurements of the squares, sashing, borders, and binding?