Swatch Thursday: Mendocino

This Heather Ross collection has been around for a while now, but each time I look at the prints, I am reminded how loverly I think it is.

Mendocino, a collection based on her time on the coast of California. Lots of mermaids and seahorses and fabulous shades of aqua. These three prints are in the shop right now, and in my studio begging to be sewn up into something fantastic.

2 Comments on “Swatch Thursday: Mendocino

  1. I have a question about this fabric collection. I have a small amount of several of Heather’s Mendocino collection. I’d like to find a coordinating solid color fabric to go with for lining purposes. I’ve been trying to find the fabric weight, but am having absolutely no luck on line. Do you happen to know off-hand these fabrics weight per yard? Even a well-educated guess would suffice!

    Thank you,

    Fellow fabric freak
    Elen Freelander