Advent Calendar: Nearly There!

Just a few more days until Christmas, and progress is looking very strong on the Advent calendar front.  I’ve fallen a bit behind, but other than the fact that I feel I’m letting you down, I almost don’t even mind–I’m having such a good time building this village and imagining my little family unpacking it […]

Organizing My Fat Quarter Stash

As I was working on my first house for my Advent calendar yesterday, I dug through my fabrics to find just the right ones.  My children–blessed little angels–had made a disastrous mess of them in the closet where they’re usually stored (the fabrics, not the children, though some days: don’t tempt me).  I made a […]

Advent Calendar Sew-Along

I am, at heart, a planner.  I tend to make lists and sketches and diagrams and schematics, and wrestle endlessly with ideas–talking them out loud to myself as I bring them to life–before I act on my plans.  Sometimes this looks like procrastination, sometimes it looks like too many ideas, but it’s where my best […]