Velveteen Rabbits, or: Anna Maria May Have Given Me Scarlet Fever

What a beautiful day for a walk in the wide, wide world! Let’s see if we can find a friend, shall we? Say, who’s that over there? Oh, hai!  Wanna come play with us? Hello!  So very nice to meet you. You know, I wasn’t sure I’d meet any other rabbits out here, certainly not […]

Anna Maria: Innocent Crush has ARRIVED!

People: it has ARRIVED.  I was on the phone with the manufacturer and was told just last week that none of this fabulous collection would ship until November, and then yesterday at the shop, it magically appeared, as if Anna Maria herself had waved a wand and wished it so. Right now, we have every […]

Another Day, Another Baby Shower

This: Plus this: Equals this: Just a little sneak preview until the mom-to-be gets her gift on Sunday!  Full reveal next week Am thinking seriously of keeping this one for myself.  If you don’t hear from me, Baby and I have absconded with the gift and are living on the quilted lam somewhere.  Will write […]

Summer Kickoff Coupons & FIVE Chances to Win!

Tonight, from 5 to 9 pm:  Join our Modern Sewing Circle, plus save 10%! This Friday, we’ll be launching our Summer Kickoff weekend at our Atlanta shop with a beach-themed edition of our Modern Sewing Circle. BYOB, pack up your stitching projects, and come on down to the shop for chit-chat, relaxation, some groovy beach […]

Anna Maria's New Book, and Sewing for Baby

I left a semi-stalker comment over on Anna Maria’s blog the day her book came out.  The shop copies arrived in the mail, and I whipped right through it, then dashed over to her blog to tell her the absolute truth: this is the very first sewing projects book I have ever owned from which […]

Breaking News–Little Folks Dobby Dots Discontinued!

That’s right: if you’re loving the Pastry Line dobby dots from Anna Maria Horner‘s Little Folks collection of voiles, NOW is the time to stock up: Free Spirit planned to re-stock these fabrics, and I hear from a little birdie that the mill where the fabric was produced has upped the price (to nearly double).  […]

Progress is Being Made

Coming along nicely! Y’all have a great weekend–I’ll be here. Sewing.

Couldn't wait to dig in…

When the voiles arrived night before last, I couldn’t wait to dig in–I ran out the door to teach my class and had to actually tear myself away from playing and unfolding and running my hands through them. Last night, during our staff meeting, all of us continually returned to the stack of bolts, passing […]

Little Folks voile: It's here, it's here, it's finally here!!

At 6 o’clock this evening, as the rain poured down through the light cast by the street lamps, my doorbell rang, mysteriously. Thank goodness it was my best friend, the UPS man, bringing some old friends in new clothing: the Little Folks collection from Anna Maria Horner has arrived! The dobby dots appear to be […]

SALE ALERT: Anna Maria’s Good Folks 15% off!

If you live anywhere but the South, it may seem totally foreign to you that today marks the beginning of our Summer Vacation.  That’s right: the kids are out of school.  It gets so super hot here come August that no one can even bear to be outside in the breathless air, and the lethargy […]

Charm Pack Pattern Series, Pt 4: Anna Maria Sets the Table

Believe it or not, our house is done in pretty neutral colors. I think folks expect me to have a house covered in amazing fabric, but the truth is, I work with color all day every day, and the neutrals are a relief. They give my brain a little respite and some time to process […]

Swatch Thursday: Good Folks

What’s not to like about Anna Maria Horner? She’s sassy, she’s all about family, she’s crazy talented, and she makes gorgeous fabrics like these: Yumtastic. All from her new Good Folks collection for Free Spirit. All in the shop, in yards, bundles, and charm packs. ***UPDATED:  And all 10% off at Whipstitch Etsy through 3/1 […]

Westminster MAP policy suspended–for now

I wrote a while ago that Westminster was planning to institute Minimum Pricing on all its products, making any Westminster print $9.50 a yard. The current buzz is that it’s postponed, but not cancelled. I’ll spill more when I know more, but most folks are pretty sure it’s still going to happen in the near-ish […]