On Domesticity

I’ve been feeling domestic lately.  In a lot of senses of the word.  I feel like being home more.  I feel like tidying and being the “domestic help” and get huge satisfaction out of making my house neat as a pin.  I’ve been working on small projects for our home, like a quilt for the […]

Anthropology of Sewing II: Handmade and the Economy

Looking back, I am absolutely horrified to discover that the first post in this series went up in July OF LAST YEAR–how quickly this year has FLOWN by! As promised, I hereby give you Post #2 in our Anthropology of Sewing series. Read on through to the end to see the winner from the first […]

On the Benefits of Planning

I haven’t always approached my sewing the same way.  In fact, even as I write that sentence, it occurs to me that I WON’T always approach my sewing the same way, and I feel very soothed by that idea.  At the moment, I’m spending a lot of time thinking about and stewing over ideas before […]

Series: The Anthropology of Sewing; Part I: The Craft Gap

During my interview with Fox-5’s Good Day Atlanta, I mentioned The Craft Gap. It’s my theory of why crafting–and sewing specifically–seems to suddenly be everywhere all the time: blogs, the news, street fairs, online shops, all over. Sewing has always been around. In my former life as an archaeologist, I spent plenty of time looking […]