Why The Hunger Games was only OK

An Open Letter to Suzanne Collins.  BEWARE: spoliers abound after the jump, along with strong opinions. Dear Suzanne, Here’s the thing: I came a little late to this party, having only read your Hunger Games trilogy since March 1, when I downloaded all of them to my new Kindle.  So maybe I don’t get to […]

Too Fat to Fly South

Literally. Found this little fella outside the bathroom window the other morning as flurries were circling overhead.  Tried desperately to snap a shot of him with a single flake scooting past, but never did–only ended up with a zillion pictures that look more or less like this: Except then I wanted to play with my […]

What's Mom Wearing Today?

My mom does this thing. She makes lists.  Lots and lots of lists.  Very famously, she used to make lists when in college, and her college roommate would always add to the bottom of my small-busted mother’s lists “new boobs.”  When I got older and my mom shared this story with me, I began adding […]

Video Interview with Atlanta INtown Newspaper

During the month of July, students from SCAD Atlanta took over the offices of Atlanta INtown Newspaper and served as their freelance writing staff.  I feel very flattered that Whipstitch was featured as one of “Atlanta’s most interesting independent businesses,” and that the students at SCAD like the feel of the shop and what we’re […]

Guest Post at Stitched in Color Today!

I’m guest posting today at Stitched in Color’s new “in the Cloth” series. Come on over and check it out!

You. Can. Sew.

There is an awesomely thought-provoking post over at Stitched in Color today.  Rachel always astounds me with how a simple idea can be so elegant when approached thoughtfully, and she has proved it once again by asking the question, “What is it that you don’t say out loud?” This weekend has been an especially introspective […]

Project In The Works

I have a new project in the works.  I’m not saying anything definitive, but it might involve an outline.  Think happy, productive thoughts for me. Also: Are you following year 2 of Celebrate the Boy month on MADE and Made by Rae?  Some really awesome posts, tutorials, and piles and piles of giveaways.  Check out […]

Patty Young is Taking Over

I love what I do.  For example, today my Twitter friend Patty Young was heading through Atlanta, and she and her charming husband stopped off at Whipstitch to visit.  How cool is that? I love Patty’s lovely fabric collections (my girls have multiple garments made from her fabrics, and I even used one of her […]

Tidying Up!

Whoopee!  My husband recommended his favorite blog repair genius to go through the scripts inside the bowels of my blog and discover the errors–this is the same miracle worker who rescued my husband’s blog from oblivion when it up-and-vanished one night.  Not only was Ben Cotten able to figure out what was wrong, he was […]

Pardon Our Progress

The blog has Swine Flu, I’m pretty sure.  We’ve got it under observation in the ICU and are doing all we can, but currently, my capability to publish images and approve comments is severely hampered.  Please bear with me as I have my tech wizards work their magic!  Keep your eyes peeled in the meantime […]

December Intro to Sewing (Among Other Things)

I’m heading out of town on a super fun sewing trip next week, WITHOUT MY CHILDREN. That sentence has to typed in all caps, because I can hardly believe it’s true. On the one hand, I miss them already and can’t believe I’ll be away from them for so long! On the other, as I […]