Building an Audrey Wardrobe: Dresses

I love dresses, especially in the spring and summer. I don’t always make as much effort as I should to get up and get dressed every morning (or even most mornings)–a lot of the time, it’s the jeans from the evening before along with whatever clean tee was on top (of the drawer or the […]


Building an Audrey Wardrobe: Separates

In looking to create an Audrey Wardrobe, I started out by taking an inventory of what I already have.  While Sarai calculated next what number she feels she ought to have in each category, I thought my needs would be better served if I worked in terms of what “looks” or occasions I needed clothing […]


Building an Audrey Wardrobe

Very few individuals in recent memory can compare with the class and beauty of Audrey Hepburn.  Her grace, her loveliness, her charm and her kind nature permeate every image, every foot of film we have of her.  Something about Audrey–like Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Grace Kelly–has the power to capture our attention and hold it.  […]