Charm Pack Pattern Series, Pt 5: Skirts for Girls

Today’s charm pack idea is a simple, sweet one: charm square skirts and jumpers for girls!  This pattern, available in the Whipstitch Etsy shop (in the patterns section), is from Indygo Junction, and gives clear, concise directions to make these sweet outfits. I like that the construction is so straightforward–this was a two-ish hour project […]

Charm Pack Pattern Series, Pt 4: Anna Maria Sets the Table

Believe it or not, our house is done in pretty neutral colors. I think folks expect me to have a house covered in amazing fabric, but the truth is, I work with color all day every day, and the neutrals are a relief. They give my brain a little respite and some time to process […]

Pattern Testers Wanted!

As I work my way through posting these charm pack pattern ideas, I’ve had requests for paper copies of these patterns. Currently, I’m sending a couple versions in rotation out free with every charm pack purchase over at Whipstitch Etsy, but I have a bunch of new ideas whose patterns need refining. I’m looking for […]

Charm Pack Pattern Series, Pt. 2: Variations on a Theme

Wow, who knew the world was so hungry for a soft toy block tutorial??  Thanks, y’all, for the link love and the comments and emails!  They’re fun to make, and great to give–I had some girlfriends and their babies over on Monday and showed them the samples I showed you, and thought they were going […]

Just My Luck! Charm Pack Pattern Series, Pt. 1

Here I’ve been, quietly plotting a weeks-long series on Things To Do With A Fat Quarter, and Sew,Mama,Sew has beaten me to it! At times I fear I am much too much of a planner, and attempt to find perfection before going public, and then I miss the boat–you know, a visualizer when I should […]

Charm Pack Projects Series: Introduction

I’ve just discovered charm packs, and to be honest, when I first saw them I thought they had NO value–maybe to a quilter, but not to anyone else. I may have said something along the lines of, “What a stupid idea–who needs 36 different pieces of itty bitty fabric??”  Boy, was I wrong! These puppies […]