Adventures at the Atlanta Food and Craft Swap

This past weekend, we ventured out to an event we’ve never attended before: the Atlanta Food (and Craft) Swap.  Hosted by Homestead Atlanta, this is usually “just” a food swap, but this month, they opened it up to anything handmade–and we jumped on it.  I sent my husband the details and we set aside an […]

Atlanta Craft Swap THIS Saturday!

I am a known hoarder of fabric. And trim. And patterns. And buttons. And everything else I can get my hands on that I just know I’ll use someday but I haven’t gotten around to using yet but I couldn’t possibly throw it out because then I won’t have it when I do need it […]

FedEx & Various Minutiae

What’s that sound?  The doorbell ringing? Oh, my!  A whole mess of boxes from FedEx!  Whatever could be in them?  <Gasp.>  That’s….the title of my book.  Could it be???  It IS!  My book has shipped from the warehouse!  I feel just like George McFly: “Oh, honey, your first novel!”  Jubilee!  If it’s here to me, […]

Atlanta Craft Swap!

Whipstitch Atlanta is hosting our first-ever Craft Swap!  The ladies at the shop have planned a themed event, including afternoon tea.  We’re calling it “Gloves Encouraged,” and will be laying out tea, cookies and flower pins for all of you who come to join us!  The shop is providing a kit that participants can pick […]