Embroidered Appliqued Quilted Logo Wall Hanging. Oh, Yeah.

I have been planning this in my head for over a year, and it is nearing completion at last!  Bwa-ha-ha! I think the many, many iterations of design I went through in my head helped it go together much faster than it would’ve otherwise.   This represents two days’ work, right here.  I am a woman […]

Embroidery Attack: Late. Again.

When our new baby was born, I called my mother to ask her to come stay with us over the weekend.  Baby made her debut the day before Mother’s Day, and my mom arrived the following Friday with my younger sister in tow.  Are there many things more awesome than having women in your family […]

Dear French Knot: I Take Back All Those Things I Said About You.

I used to really, really haaaate making French knots.  Mostly because mine were crap.  Like, either they were on this inexplicable stalk and dangling uselessly off to one side, or they un-knotted as they went through the fabric and disappeared before they were even born.  Depressing. And I’d look at Miriam’s, my grandmother, my mother’s […]

Grand Opening Recap, and Quick Projects for Tight Schedules

This weekend was somehow both totally amazing and exactly what I expected, at the same time.  Whipstitch Atlanta celebrated a Grand Opening weekend that kicked off with a VIP press and blogger event Thursday night, giving us a chance to show off the shop, our fabric selection, and the amazing staff members who make it […]

Embroidery Obsession

The winner of the embroidery starter kit over on The Long Thread this past weekend has been announced, and her kit is all packed up and ready to go to its new home. Myself, I’ve been a little preoccupied this past Labor Day weekend. I have become a Woman Obsessed. My second embroidery project ever: […]

Giveaway and Sale Code: Enjoy Your Day Off!

Here’s hoping the Labor Day holiday means you’ll have the day off on Monday! For those of us with kids in school, I’m not sure we get the day “off,” necessarily, but around here we’re trying to plan a walk to the park in this nice, cool (freaky) weather we’re having. So why not celebrate […]