Fabric Fail

I love me some linen, maybe even more than cotton, at least for garments.  And every year when the weather warms up, I feel a yen for more flowy, soft, linen clothing to wear–which nearly always sends me out shopping for new fabric.  And this year, perhaps more than in some other years, I went […]


This is only one of SIX (or maybe more) giant piles of fabric I’ve begun amassing for my next book.  I have some really (REALLY) amazing apparel fabrics on order, and not a few more in my virtual cart(s).  I might be on a binge.  So far, just a lot of folding and re-folding, but […]

How to Shop for Fabric Online, Part 2: Matching Colors

There were a couple comments this week asking for suggestions for how to better match colors when shopping for fabric online, so today I’ve put together some suggestions for ways to have greater success getting fabrics together for a particular project when you can’t see them all at the same time first.  I don’t think […]

How to Shop for Fabric Online

I’m delighted today to be guest posting for Rae over at Made By Rae as part of her Spring Top Sewalong. I have really, really been enjoying seeing all the entries pop up on Flickr, so when Rae invited me to come up with some tips on how to shop for fabric online, I searched […]


I love Twitter. Really, I do. It’s like microblogging–all those ideas that don’t have time or depth enough to develop into full blog posts, but that WANT to get out. Those are Twitterable. Just today, I learned of Patty Young‘s new sewing pattern line, and set up a wholesale account so Whipstitch can carry them […]

Swatch Thursday: Jay McCarroll

Yes, that Jay McCarroll. He’s done two fantastic collections of quilter’s weight cottons for Free Spirit since leaving Project Runway, and this is my favorite: Woodland Wonderland. I adore the color palette, and that the deer look a little tripped out. I like that it’s edgy and hip, but also that the scale and weight […]

Swatch Thursday: Mendocino

This Heather Ross collection has been around for a while now, but each time I look at the prints, I am reminded how loverly I think it is. Mendocino, a collection based on her time on the coast of California. Lots of mermaids and seahorses and fabulous shades of aqua. These three prints are in […]

Poor Man’s Silk Screen

Over at craftgrrl, there’s a fantastic screen print tutorial. A step above the freezer paper stencil, a step below a full-scale screen printing shop in your basement, it’s a great technique for embellishing tees, for designing your own fabric, for working with images. Just a cool way to do stuff. I threw together a kit […]

Swatch Thursday: I must be hungry.

Cupcakes! Check out the print, then check out Cake Wrecks, one of the most popular foodie blogs on the web–and easily one of the funniest. Then come on back for a yard or two. In petal pink or buttercream yellow, both 100% Kona cotton from Robert Kaufman. Sweet Tooth in Petal Sweet Tooth in Yellow

Changes to the Westminster Fabrics Pricing Policy

Posts are zipping around the internet about the new pricing policy Westminster Fabrics is putting into effect beginning Feb 1 of this year–just a couple weeks from now. The company has announced that it will require all retailers of its fabrics to adhere to mandatory minimum advertised pricing on fabrics less than one year old, […]

Swatch Thursday: Something Completely Different

So, I was tempted to throw up more rock-n-roll fabric, but enough with the theme, already. Instead, here’s a new arrival in the shop, from Amy Butler’s Daisy Chain collection: Amy Butler is a HUGE name in fabric design, and has her hand in all manner of pies: paper, books, patterns, you name it. Check […]

Swatch Thursday: Rustic Guitars

I love a good theme. Like, when I completed my Master’s thesis on acorns (no lie) I gave all my professors a teensy oak sapling sprouted from acorns that had fallen in my yard over the winter. I mean, I REALLY love a theme. And right now, it’s GUITARS, which are suddenly everywhere these days. […]

Swatch Thursday: Groovy Guitars

Featured today for Swatch of the Week: Groovy Guitars in Lime, by Michael Miller For those of you newer to quilting, crafting, and 21st century fabric sales, there are a few names in the industry that are worth your time to know.  Michael Miller is a manufacturer based out of New York, and as a […]


Loads of sick babies at our house.  Only thing keeping my spirits up is this: Not even in the shop yet–am too greedy to have it all to myself!  Ah, well, I suppose this time of year is a good one to learn to let go.  Look for it by end of the day!

Wow, Etsy, Thanks!

Y’all, can I just say how great the experience has been so far at Etsy? What an amazing group of people, all of them truly looking to promote handmade and produce top-quality stuff. I have been so impressed so far with the number of sales Whipstitch has had in such a short time, how great […]