The 80s Strike Again

Funny how decades have more than one life.  When I was in high school, we were all abuzz for the 60s and the “hippy” lifestyle.  Or at least, the bowdlerized version we imagined it was.  For my oldest, it’s the 80s.  So when she was deciding what to do for her birthday this year, she […]

Sewing Goals 2010, Summer of the Teen: Measuring

Our oldest was gone for a whole week, visiting with my mother for her annual summer retreat from the siblings.  It was much, much harder to have her away than I thought it would be.  We celebrated her birthday at the lake with my folks, and while we were there, it occurred to me that […]

Independence Day, and Giveaway Winners!

Yesterday, our great nation celebrated 234 years of independence.  And my oldest child celebrated 15 years on this planet.  Our nation’s bicentennial has an awful lot to do with the rebirth of sewing and quilting back in 1976, and my child’s birth has an awful lot to do with my embracing craft and sewing as […]

Today: Honey Did List

My husband is probably one of the most wonderful, supportive husbands who ever graced this planet.  He loves me, admires my work, is my biggest cheerleader and my best PR agent.  He also, on occasion, says things without thinking.  This does not lessen his love for me (nor mine for him), but it does put […]

Family Day: Canning Pickles

This spring, we finally got around to joining the local organic CSA.  Well, two, actually: one for vegetables and one for meat.  I think in the past, I’d always been convinced we’d start our own garden, but finally realized I just didn’t have the time I wanted to devote to it.  I was worried, too, […]

Making a Comeback

I know, I know: it’s only been three days.  But already I feel as though I want to sew a gazillion things.  It’s amazing how catching up on your sleep will send you images of inspiring designs and new ideas and get you all jazzed up again to get going on some of the projects […]

Happy Mother's Day: It's a Girl!

11:14 am on May 8th. A (very large, for us) 8 lbs, 1 oz & 19.5 inches. Sweet disposition, sweet dimples. Mom doing well, dad proudly tweeting the news. Thanks to ALL of you who have sent good wishes, thoughtful tweets and kind words!

Saturday Family Day–Snow Day!

After an unprecedented SECOND annual snowfall in the Greater Atlanta Metro Area, we spent most of our Saturday Family Day out in the icy wilderness of our front yard, enjoying the frozen water that has mysteriously fallen from the sky. Happy babies, happy times!

Handmade For ALL!

Check out the Handmade Pledge site for inspiration and to sign the Handmade Pledge. It’s a consortium of creators and crafters who are dedicated to making their own and buying from others who do the same! Great inspiration as you begin to create your own vision. Whipstitch’s sister company, Pretty Jane, has been doing handmade […]