FINAL Flood Sale, and a chance to SAVE

During our FINAL Flood Sale this Sat in the shop, we’re bringing in the nearly 500 yards we have left of prewashed fabrics that MUST GO to new homes to make room for incoming inventory. Some new twists to make it more interesting: Early birds benefit! My adoring husband will be in the shop with […]

December Intro to Sewing (Among Other Things)

I’m heading out of town on a super fun sewing trip next week, WITHOUT MY CHILDREN. That sentence has to typed in all caps, because I can hardly believe it’s true. On the one hand, I miss them already and can’t believe I’ll be away from them for so long! On the other, as I […]


I sincerely hope this is the busiest time in our lives. I’ve never felt so swamped, or had my “important” and “urgent” lists quite so looooonnnngggg. I am sincerely grateful to announce that the construction is DONE, and that we’re putting final touches on the furniture. Moving Day has arrived! I sincerely promise that I’ll […]


Thank you all so much for the great response to our flood sale! Clearly $6 a yard is motivating for a lot of you, but from the messages and convos and thoughtful gestures I’ve received over the last few days I also know that many of you are truly happy to helps us make some […]


If you’ve been reading the blog, you already know that our studio was flooded with the crazy rains that hit Atlanta recently. Here’s the short version: It’s Monday afternoon. I’m standing at the back door of my basement studio, overlooking our yard, which backs up to a creek. I get better cell reception when I’m […]

Flood Management

As a result of the horrendous rains all over Atlanta last week and early this week, our home was flooded on Monday evening. Like lots of cottage businesses, Whipstitch operates out of our home, so we’ve been working non-stop to mitigate the damage, assess inventory, and reconfigure our online shop over the next six weeks […]