Get Up & Go Skirt for Oktoberfest

OK, so this wasn’t REALLY made for Oktoberfest, but it’s that time of year, right?  Sorta?  And doesn’t this skirt totally make you think of the Black Forest?  It’s obviously the vintage trim that makes it feel so German… To a certain degree, this particular version of the Get Up & Go Skirt was a […]

Rainy Fall Get Up & Go Skirt

Seems like in most of the US today, it’s rainy and windy and a little bit cold.  Starting to feel like fall!  And while those of us in the Deep South don’t believe for a second that it’ll stick–we regularly find ourselves in short sleeves on Halloween–it’s nice to start to look at our autumn […]

The Get Up & Go Skirt Pattern is HERE!

I am so excited today to introduce you to the very first Learn As You Sew pattern: the Get Up & Go Skirt!  This is Series 1, Pattern 1 in the Learn As You Sew Pattern Series, and it’s a great place to start sewing garments–or to find a great, classic style no matter how […]

Introducing: Learn As You Sew Patterns

Eeeeep!!  I’m am excited and nervous to share with you a project I have been working on for close to a year: my new pattern series.  I’d like to introduce you to Learn As You Sew Patterns! I’ve been designing sewing patterns for close to ten years.  I started out making them for myself when I […]