Far Far Away 2 Giveaway AND a Discount Code!

Head on over to the always-fabulous Made By Rae for a Far Far Away 2 giveaway! Win a set of TEN fat quarters, plus pick up a coupon code good for 10% off any purchase in the Whipstitch online shop between now and Saturday when the giveaway closes. What are you still doing here???  Get […]

Heather Ross is #1 on my Speed Dial

When I came home from Quilt Market on Sunday, I learned that in my absence I had received my package from Heather Ross from her Studio Sale.  It is chocka-chocka FULL of amazing goodies, most of which I haven’t had a chance to photograph yet.  When I popped the box open, this is what greeted […]

Heather Ross’ Far Far Away Collection for Kokka: IT’S BACK!

Back in stock: seven bolts of Heather Ross’ last collection for the foreseeable future, Far Far Away for Kokka of Japan. Yumtastic! Last shipment? Gone in 24 hours, no lie. Get it while the gettin’s good, folks! Dropped by the shop and didn’t see the listings? Convo me or send a tweet @whipstitch and I’ll […]

Heather Ross’ Far Far Away Giveaway WINNER!

Our snails are all painted and ready to go, so yesterday just before supper, we got the little ones together for a Heather Ross Far Far Away Giveaway Snail Race!  Thanks again to kmdegroot for the fantastic suggestion–her fabric is all wrapped and ready to go out today along with our giveaway winner’s! Our teen […]

Heather Ross’ Far Far Away GIVEAWAY!

So, when I first got swatches of the Far Far Away fabrics, I asked y’all to come up with ideasfor a giveaway.  The idea was, you think up a nifty giveaway concept, and YOU win the fabric as well as the giveaway winner!  Well, today’s the day: it’s giveaway time! I had to struggle to […]

Heather Ross’ Far Far Away Collection for Kokka: IT’S GONE!

Here lie the remains of my SIX BOLT shipment of Heather Ross’ Far Far Away double gauze.  You know, the one that arrived YESTERDAY??  Good night, you people were hungry for this stuff!  In a single 24-hour period, I have sold EVERY LAST SCRAP of these 6 bolts of fabric.  It’s been INSANE. Pardon the […]

Heather Ross’ Far Far Away Collection for Kokka: IT’S HERE!

OK, let’s start with the crush I have on our UPS guy. It’s kinda like a crush on a senior when you’re a freshman: you don’t even know this person, but you know how he makes you FEEL. Never mind that it’s a different driver every shipment; my crush is on the truck and WHAT […]

Heather Ross’ Far Far Away is On Its Way!

I heard from the US distributor of Heather Ross’ new line for Kokka, Far Far Away, that my order has SHIPPED and is on its way to me AS WE SPEAK!  Am super excited to see this wonderful fabric. And I also wanted to remind you all: comments are still open to suggest your own […]

Glorious Heather Ross Time-Suck

Looking for something to while away some daylight this weekend? Heather Ross is running a design contest over on her blog, Weekend, to promote her new book, Weekend Sewing. The entries so far are OUT OF THIS WORLD inspiring. Check out some of Heather’s favorites, including the one pictured above. Hey, maybe send in your […]

Even Better In Person

There’s been a ton written recently about Heather Ross and her imminent hiatus from the fabric design world–read all about it here. Her last collection, Far Far Away for Kokka, is due out any minute now. I’ve just received swatches from the US distributor, and I gotta say, folks: WOW.  This stuff is all kinds […]

Westminster MAP policy suspended–for now

I wrote a while ago that Westminster was planning to institute Minimum Pricing on all its products, making any Westminster print $9.50 a yard. The current buzz is that it’s postponed, but not cancelled. I’ll spill more when I know more, but most folks are pretty sure it’s still going to happen in the near-ish […]