Brother and Sister Outfits for Easter (and Beyond)

  As fantastic as our Easter holiday was this year, our Easter photos didn’t turn out as fabulously as I had hoped. This was the best of the bunch, after the maximum editing I could muster: You’ll notice that I went all 1970s on my children this year: everyone has matching outfits. Hee-haw. All of […]

Sewing Pattern Stockings

I get so much email these days that it’s novel to get anything in the mailbox other than junk and bills (blech).  So the other day, I was pretty excited to see my mother’s handwriting on an envelope for me*.  I kinda figured it was a Christmas card, which was weird, because since when have […]

Our Family's Hands

Project details:  Tracings of each of our six family members’ hands, on standard autumn-leaf-colored construction paper.  Cut out and stitched by machine with white thread.  Hung from tacks.  Simple, simple.  Took about an hour, including cutting, with plenty of hands leftover!  With our whole family home today (kids: no school; husband and me: avoiding Atlanta’s […]

Santa Arrives at Whipstitch on Sunday!

He already dropped off a giant package for us: It’s because he loves us so much.  Inside that giant wrapped package?  ALL our Christmas and holiday prints, just for you!  Cottons, flannels, corduroy, patterns, embroidery, kids’ items, trim.  All wrapped up and ready to be relished and loved. I’m feeling like a handmade Christmas this […]

Stockings, Coming Down (plus one!)

When the Great Flood of 2009 came through last Sept, one of the storage bins hardest hit was holding our Christmas things. I’m grateful that my husband’s vintage, 1950s artificial tree he inherited from his grandparents survived, as did more than half of our ornaments, but some of our keepsakes and all the stockings were […]

Countdown to the Holidays: New Workshops!

As we gear up for the holidays, so many of us have AWESOME plans for the bestest gifts for all the folks we love. As the Big Day gets closer, most of mine get downsized or eliminated–there’s just never enough time. We’ve planned our December workshops with just that in mind: we’re offering a series […]