Living Room Drapes

I’m currently reviewing swatches and making plans to–at long last–make the drapes for our living room.  Yes, the same living room.  It’s still not done.  Here we are on the average day: Which I don’t mind so much–except you can basically see straight into the house from the street.  Add that some windows in bedrooms […]

Laundry Room Reveal!

In the grand scheme of home renovation, any small step forward is at least a step FORWARD. So this make-over for our laundry room, while not massive in scale, makes me feel as though we’re getting a toe-hold around here. Naturally, I didn’t take any great “before” photos, when it was full of the previous […]

Nearly There

Projects that are almost finished (but not quite): My new temporary studio, situated in our dining room.  I won’t have a “real” studio until the basement gets finished, which we thought (insanely) would be right away but looks like will take at least a year.  Needed to be painted, which we did last weekend–now I […]

Nesting Birds for the Little Girls

I went to a baby shower recently, and as is my apparent habit, liked the gift I gave so much that I came back home and made another for our house!  This was a sweet little bird arrangement that was originally designed as a mobile, but I think it has so much more versatility on […]

Teen Room: Progress

I think in my head, this was a Grand Reveal.  But my husband was away all last week, and when he got home on Friday evening, I hurt his feelings by suggesting that I might move some furniture around in our teen’s room while the younger children slept.  As soon as the words left my […]

Sewing for Your Home E-Course Begins Today!

It’s not too late to join us! Sign up and get started right. this. second.  Make lovely things that last, make great memories and stronger sewing skills, and make hay while the sun shines to prepare for a happy home this summer.

Bed Skirt, Duvet and Curtains. Sort Of.

The mattress for our oldest child’s hot pink four-poster bed finally arrived today!  Woot!  I had been waiting and waiting for it to get here so I could take some photos of these other projects for the Sewing for Your Home e-course: the bed skirt, the duvet, and the tab-top curtains.  Sadly, our youngest child […]

Pile of Pillows!

I think it would be hard to do home dec sewing and not make a least one giant pile of pillows.  These are for my oldest child, to go on her new hot pink bed, and when she saw them she said, “These make me think of Grammie, since she always has pillows all over […]

Circular Placemat and Mitered Napkin

Next week I begin the Sewing for Your Home e-course, and this week, I’m sharing a few of the projects to give you a taste of what we’ll be doing in class!  These are two of the Week 1 projects, a circular placemat and a mitered napkin.  The weight and body of this placemat are […]

Sewing for Your Home E-Course Now Registering!

Hooray!!  It’s time to get ready for the Sewing for Your Home e-course!!  I am super excited about this class–not least of which because it has given me an excuse to sew a whole bundle of lovely things for my new home. This has been one of the most-requested topics from my students, and I […]

House Update

The short version is: we’re still super stalled on the kitchen.  The butcher block bar has yet to be installed, and while I’ve pretty much chosen a backsplash, it’s crazy expensive and I can’t seem to pull the trigger.  I am pretty proud to say that I’ve installed one whole drawer handle–the other ten are […]