Sewing and Self-Compassion

Years ago, I was teaching a sewing class to brand-new seamstresses.  It was an introductory class, and there were six women there.  I gave my usual second-day-of-class pep talk, and then outlined instructions for the next project we would tackle together before sending them off to the cutting tables with their fabric to work independently […]

Introducing: Learn As You Sew Patterns

Eeeeep!!  I’m am excited and nervous to share with you a project I have been working on for close to a year: my new pattern series.  I’d like to introduce you to Learn As You Sew Patterns! I’ve been designing sewing patterns for close to ten years.  I started out making them for myself when I […]

Still Room in the Fall Wardrobe and Pants ecourses!

I have been absent lately, busily humming away on three different major projects that are getting ready to come to fruit, and I’m just about to poke my head out and share them all with you (I really think, sincerely, that you’ll be delighted when you see what I’ve been working on, and it’s all […]

Giveaway at True Up–One Spot in the Essential Sewing E-Course!

This weekend, you could win a spot in the Essential Sewing e-course that begins on Monday!  Jog on over to True Up, our favorite all-fabric-all-the-time blog, and leave a comment for a chance to win.  Giveaway closes Monday morning! There are still spots remaining in the class if you’d like to join!  Registration will remain […]

Essential Sewing e-course now registering!

Hooray!! The first online sewing class I’m offering this year, Essential Sewing, is now open for registration!  I really love teaching this class–it offers such a wide range of skills and is enormously beneficial both for total newbie beginners and folks who have more experience at their sewing machine but want a good grounding in […]

Essential Sewing

I was going to write a post about the fail that is my new dishcloth that I knitted (knit?) while on vacation, which makes it now look as though I wash dishes with a pair of underpants, but I’m so busy washing with it that I didn’t get a photo.  Another time. Instead, why not […]


This is only one of SIX (or maybe more) giant piles of fabric I’ve begun amassing for my next book.  I have some really (REALLY) amazing apparel fabrics on order, and not a few more in my virtual cart(s).  I might be on a binge.  So far, just a lot of folding and re-folding, but […]

Registration OPEN for the Essential Sewing e-course!

Registration is now OPEN for the Essential Sewing online e-course!  I originally taught this class in January, and hadn’t expected to offer it again this calendar year, but have had so many emails and tweets and inquiries that I’m going ahead and teaching the class once more, now that school is back in session and […]

Essential Sewing E-Course Starts Monday!

The Essential Sewing E-Course begins MONDAY!  If you’re on the fence, and want to sign up but haven’t, now is the time, yo.  Registration will close Monday night at midnight!  Join the class and learn the foundational skills you need to do your best sewing this year–I know you have it in you!  See all […]

New Blog Series in the New Year, and An Epiphany

2010 has been the most amazing year.  I can’t think of any other year in my life where I’ve had so much excitement and surprise and frustration and expectation and anxiety and stress and giddy happiness.  This is the year when my little shop-within-a-shop went out on its own; when I saw my name on […]

Announcing NEW Whipstitch e-Courses!

Y’all.  I am so, so excited.  In the midst of all the other excitement going on, I am delighted to announce new Whipstitch e-Courses for this fall! I’ve been wanting to offer online classes for ages now, and have finally worked out the details to make it happen.  I worked hard to choose topics that […]

Tutorial: Rolled Hem Presser Foot

One of my favorite finds recently has been this: My rolled hem presser foot. This bad boy is designed to put a perfect teeny tiny hem in the edge of your fabric, right at the machine–no more pressing, then turning and pressing again, just feed it through and press & stitch all at once! Miraculous, […]