Now OPEN for Registration: The Murder Mystery Quilt & the League of Adventurous Dressmakers!

Now open for registration!  Both the Murder Mystery Quilt AND the League of Adventurous Dressmakers are now ready for you to join! The League of Adventurous Dressmakers is a monthly subscription club that focuses on in-depth technique lessons for better garment sewing.  As more and more of us seek to sew our own clothes, we want to be […]

Halloween Projects Now LIVE!

Now live and waiting for you: Halloween projects have been added to the Hand-Sewn Year online class!  This class began as a Christmas Camp, and is gradually growing to include all the holidays in the calendar.  With Halloween, harvest, Thanksgiving, holiday and Christmas projects now included, there are over 45 lessons waiting for you!

All Hail the Forgiveness of Knits

So I’m at the grocery store yesterday, remembering why I hate to go on the weekends–it was so crowded and the lines were so long. I’m at the back of a line of, like, a zillion people, and the dude at the front has just written a check.  Time to settle in for the long […]

March classes

Whipstitch is my baby. In a lot of ways. Not just the shop, but this blog and all the things growing out of it and planned for it, its whole future. I’ve been designing children’s clothing for a while now, and I feel so creatively challenged and fulfilled by doing it. It really stretches parts […]