Living Room Drapes

I’m currently reviewing swatches and making plans to–at long last–make the drapes for our living room.  Yes, the same living room.  It’s still not done.  Here we are on the average day: Which I don’t mind so much–except you can basically see straight into the house from the street.  Add that some windows in bedrooms […]

Laundry Room Reveal!

In the grand scheme of home renovation, any small step forward is at least a step FORWARD. So this make-over for our laundry room, while not massive in scale, makes me feel as though we’re getting a toe-hold around here. Naturally, I didn’t take any great “before” photos, when it was full of the previous […]

Our Summer So Far

To a certain degree, it feels as though we’ve gotten off to a rocky start this summer, maybe because the kids are having a rough time with transitioning to a less structured daily schedule.  There have been tantrums, there have been tears, and that’s just me!  (Bah-dum-dum.)  Our summer break has really only begun this […]

Kitchen Backsplash: Penny Tile!

It took months and months, but I finally decided on a tile for our kitchen backsplash.  And once the decision was at last made, I pulled the trigger and we got it done. I was initially inspired both by John and Sherry’s penny tile, but it was really this image found through Pinterest that sealed […]

Teen Room: Progress

I think in my head, this was a Grand Reveal.  But my husband was away all last week, and when he got home on Friday evening, I hurt his feelings by suggesting that I might move some furniture around in our teen’s room while the younger children slept.  As soon as the words left my […]

House Update

The short version is: we’re still super stalled on the kitchen.  The butcher block bar has yet to be installed, and while I’ve pretty much chosen a backsplash, it’s crazy expensive and I can’t seem to pull the trigger.  I am pretty proud to say that I’ve installed one whole drawer handle–the other ten are […]

Hot Pink Four-Poster

Not that I need *another* project going on right now, but I’ve begun the painting of the new bed for my oldest child: a wood four-poster canopy bed that’s going from worn and tired to HOT PINK.  After the success I had with the kitchen table, I feel bold enough to tackle this, even though […]

Family Room Drapes, Phase I

We just got in the new Lizzy House collection, Hello Pilgrim, at the shop.  When I originally placed my order, I did it the way I always do: sight-unseen.  That’s how I like to roll when it comes to Lizzy, because I know that everything she produces will be something I have to, have to […]

Kitchen Sorta Update, Because What I Really Need Is Another Half-Finished Project

I can’t show you any photos of the kitchen, because work has ground pretty much to a total halt.  I blame the fact that I am excessively cheap, and refused to pay someone thousands of dollars to do the painting–including painting the cabinets. Which means I haven’t finished doing that job, and we’re living in […]

Kitchen Cabinets and Backsplash Tile

Progress in the kitchen slowed to an almost complete stop while we moved in and got settled, but now not having it finished is making us crazy enough that we’re ready to set aside organizing the linen closet and searching for lost boxes of fabric in order to get a little closer to the finish […]

Current State of the Studio

With everything we’re doing to get moved in and get the kitchen ready for six people to abuse it relentlessly for the next twenty years, I haven’t spent much time in my studio.  In fact, I have spent NO time in my studio.  I don’t really have one yet: So far, this is about how […]

LBD and The Big List

Two things going on here: One, I’m finally sewing in the lining on the Little Black Dress I made with my Fall Wardrobe e-course class back in…what, September?  October?  It was my favorite garment that we made with that class, and I haven’t been able to either show it off or wear it, because I […]

The Bullet Version

We have super spotty internet right now, since we don’t have ANY internet right now, and I’m making do with a shifty hot spot. So this may or may not end abruptly. I am going stream-of-consciousness right here, so hang on. Man, am I tired. We’re moved in!!  Woot!!  We bought the house, moved into […]

Packing to Move. Again.

I need your advice.  So, we’re packing up to move.  Again.  This is what it looked like when I packed my studio to leave the last house: took 32 boxes.  Not even kidding a little.  Now, my husband clearly loves me, because we’ve got some hourly help coming tomorrow morning, and what I don’t know […]

Kitchen Update

We’re rolling along on the kitchen at the new house over here–plan is to move in next Thursday (eek!) and be in the house for Christmas Eve.  I am in terror any time I really allow my brain to focus on that too much, so instead, I’m focusing on the progress that’s been made in […]